Another month done and dusted and I’ll admit - this was a tough one.


While the artwork for the demo reel has been completed and fully dubbed in English, I’m still planning to pitch this in Japan…that means starting a Japanese dub. I mean, it would be pretty disrespectful for me to go to another country, hoping to have something made, and not even bother to pitch it in their native language. That being said, the process has been much more challenging, as I’m not yet fluent in Japanese, and my reach is substantially broken by the language barrier.
It’s even become quite expensive, especially while also balancing the artwork and everything else associated with the project. I think funding has been my biggest struggle at the moment, so it’s during months like this that the Patrons have been my saviors….this would be so much harder without you all :)


Iv’e been trying to get more eyes on the project to hopefully boost the exposure and maybe (just maybe) a little more support - but it’s been extremely hard. Networking and spreading the word is the backbone of a project like this, but It’s like I’m on a bad luck streak with my communications lol.

On that note actually, Iv’e also noticed it’s really freaking hard to get YouTuber’s to pay you any attention.
Even if its just a legitimate attempt to network…not ask for a shout-out, but just to make new friends and get noticed.
I even contacted someone for a legitimate request to provide me with Japanese dubbing for the project, and I was flat out ignored.
It’s amazing really, I’ve had an easier time contacting, getting civil / polite responses and forming relationships with A-list Anime voice actors, and composers, than that of the YouTuber community.
I’m not sure if the difference is in accessibility, ego or professionalism, but dang it can be defeating when your the small guy trying to establish a wider network in such a massive creative space.

I got quite sick and burnt-out this month also….which really knocked me on my butt for a week or so.
I hit a few dead ends and had a few hurdles to jump over this month, and it…has been…exhausting.
Never-the-less, I’ll always keep working…..after all, luck is just when opportunity meets preparation and perseverance.



Lots of artwork ahead :)


With the demo reel completed (well, mostly), Elmer has now joined Hary working on character releases.
This means more than twice the awesome content, and more art to share in these blogs :)

So let’s get to sharing these bad boys (and girls) shall we?


Kansha the Cleaner:

This character was originally created as a way to say thanks to James Salhani for his enormous amount of support to the Millennium Exile project.  James was one of the first to donate and continues to do so....despite my best efforts to tell him to stop. 
James works for a very successful industrial cleaning company and the name Kansha is the Japanese word for "Appreciation".

If you wish to know more about Kansha and his abilities, please check out his full biography at the link below:

Artist: Hary Istiyoso


Kouru Odin

The middle of the three deadly Odin brothers and a master swordsman. He is precise, cunning and deadly…a master of the blade in every sense.

If you wish to know more about Kouru and his abilities, please check out his full biography at the link below:

Artist: Elmer Damaso


Tetsuya Odin.
Youngest, and by far the most unstable of the Odin brothers.

If you wish to know more about Tetsuya and his abilities, please check out his full biography at the link below:

Artist: Elmer Damaso


Sana the Black Witch.
Sana is an extremely deadly Psychic Meister for the Nexus organization.

If you wish to know more about Sana and her abilities, please check out her full biography at the link below:

Artist: @FungKinChew



As always, I'd like to thank the following amazing Patrons from the bottom of my heart: 


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