This month was another tough one, some stuff in my personal life has been causing some real anxieties and admittedly my stress levels have been at an all time high. That being said however, there’s a solution to most of what’s concerning me…it’s just a matter of being patient and waiting. Still though, tell that to the inevitable ulcer growing in my stomach lol.

On a side note, recently I decided to make a YouTube series on a different channel called “TyRants”; in which I would be ranting and raving about Anime themed topics. I cannot tell you how many times, or for just how long this idea has been suggested to me, but after meeting at the behest of some friends / editors, I finally caved in.

I’ve been getting a lot of DM’s about this and when I’m planning on releasing the show, so I thought I would take the time to address it in the blog :) I did some research, settled on a format for the show and we built a set…I even had an anime avatar portrait of me commissioned for the YouTube banner…I freaking LOVE this :)


Artist: @ochkiart - Check out her amazing artwork!


We filmed for episode 1 few weeks ago and the video has since been caught up in development hell…with the editor now disagreeing on the format I wanted the show to be in, as well as the video’s content. Despite me having to take on board several criticisms as to what I can do better for episode 2, a brother has to fight tooth and nail for even a single suggestion made to the cut.


I work a full-time job as an I.T technician, I guest speak and teach at various schools, and I’m currently planning my wedding.
Then there’s the various aspects of the Millennium Exile project…
Character design, writing, social media management, interviews, blogs, organizing commissions for artwork, the production and design of the art-book, editing of the demo reel and much, much more. Aaaaand somewhere in between all that, there’s the everyday life…
helping my fiance study for her final exams, trying to save, paying bills, going to the gym, playing with 2 hyperactive dogs and trying to squeeze in something that resembles a social life.

After filming this episode, I saw a whole lot of potential for the channel and I had a blast on the day, but the editor isnt happy and he wants everything to be perfect. That being said though, procrastination is something I simply don’t have time for.
Who knows, maybe one freaking day, I’ll have something to show you guys lol.



More recently, I had the privilege of attending a Gold-Coast based primary school to teach kids about Anime.
We learned about the history of Anime, how it’s made and then we did some drawing activities.

Iv’e been doing this for around 5 years now at various school across my state and it’s always such a pleasure to talk about my biggest passion, to kids who are so bright-eyed and enthusiastic about the creative arts. Not only do they have a greater appreciation for Anime itself, but for another culture too!


artbook dev.png

As I mentioned above, I’ve been making some massive progress towards the development of the Millennium Exile art-book.
After doing quite a lot of research, I’ve painfully branched off from the traditional portrait styled book, in favor of a more modern - landscape design. To date, I have 92 pages completed.

Here’s a few examples:

Credit where credit is due, popular artist and YouTuber “Ross Draws” was a massive inspiration for this, and his masterclass videos have been an immeasurable help.
Check out his channel here:


moving forward.png

Well, well, well…do I have some artwork to show you this month :P


Character: Azuki Kanai

Azuki is a civilian in the Millennium Exile story and Vincent’s love interest!

If you wish to know more about Azuki, please check out her full biography at the link below:


Character: Renge

Renge is a side character within the Millennium Exile story however, the impact he has on the story is massive.
He has a tragic past and you'll never guess who his little sister is :P

If you wish to know more about Renge, please check out his full biography at the link below:


Character: Link

Link is Half human, half dragon and was Scythe Pharmaceutical’s second attempt at altering dragon DNA through genetic modification.

If you wish to know more about Link, please check out his full biography at the link below:


WIP - More coming on this character in the next few days! :)



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