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Millennium Exile is an Australian based project with the eventual goal of becoming a Japanese Anime.
In order to do this, I intend to create and present an art book, filled with information and art-work (much like this website) as well as a demo reel. Both the art book and demo reel are already in construction, with the demo reel already having been voiced by professional anime voice actors working from the U.S. The demo reel will not be posted publicly or uploaded online and the art book will not be sold as they will be for studio pitching only.

Once Millennium Exile is ready for pitching, an important asset would be the ability to demonstrate a pre-existing support from your fan-base. Many fans from around the world have already sent in their hard earned $$$$ as a show of support and passion. Donations can be as little or as much as you are comfortable with and all contributors will be listed by name in the pitch ready art-book. You will also be thanked personally on the MillEx Facebook page at the time of the donation and when the artwork you donated towards is completed. 

100% of the funds are put towards the completion of more artwork so should you wish to donate, please hit the button below :) 

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