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I got a fair bit of information to cover this week, so let’s jump straight into it! :)


This weekend just gone, I had the immense opportunity to present myself and the Millennium Exile project to the Oz Comic-Con convention in Brisbane.

But first, I was honored to be a guest on another panel….

Sarah from Star Scribe Works and Will from Righteous Dude Cosplay had me on their “Retro Anime” panel. It was a pretty cool talk, in which we discussed all things Anime pre 2000’s. including Macross, Astro Boy, Sailor Moon and Dragonball to name a few.
We also got to talking about the impact that early Anime had on Western Culture and how it shaped us as fans.


We kicked things off with the debut of the Millennium Exile demo reel playing on a big screen and the volume turned right up! Needless to say, it looked fantastic and it was a huge moment for me to see my project being shown to such a crowd. The funny thing was, that a massive amount of people stopped in their tracks on the convention floor just to watch the footage as it played.

As everyone watched, I stood by, separated from the area and heard people complimenting how interesting it all looked. Now, I’m not sure about you….but that reaction is EXACTLY what I wanted from my demo reel! To have customers and attendee’s stop what they were doing, huddle up and watch the production - that was a really big moment for me.

I even got an applause at the end of it. I looked around at the crowd and people all seemed super happy with what they had seen :)

I only wish I had a photo of the crowd that had gathered at the barrier to watch.


After the demo had finished, Sarah joined me on the panel and began asking me questions about the project and it’s origins. I tried to give as much detail as possible while addressing the audience. Soon afterwards, we gave people a chance to ask their own questions and to my surprise a whole bunch of hands went up!

Turns out a lot of people were interested in the project what I was doing with it.
I was so very happy to answer everyone’s questions. I only wish I had the time to answer everyone’s before we ran out of time -_-


By the end of the panel, I was greeted by a group of audience members - several of which were fans of the project who mentioned they had purchased their tickets JUST to see my panel.
I honestly couldn’t tell you just how moved I was to hear this …..

Several friends were also in attendance to show their support and the whole experience just had me feeling so very grateful and blessed. All in all however, It was a BLAST! I got to pitch the new MillEx Banner that I had shown in previous Social Media posts and it looked GLORIOUS!!!!! More people attended than I was expecting and the reaction from the demo reel was 100% what I needed it to be.

I don’t plan for this to be my last appearance at a convention so lets see what else unfolds moving forwards :)


In a few days time, I'll be uploading the full video of the current Millennium Exile demo reel to the internet. This will be an extended version of the teaser currently available on YouTube which debut this weekend at Oz Comic-Con.

As thanks to those supporting the project, this video will ONLY be available to Patrons of the following tiers:

- Dual Wielding
- Calculated & Dangerous
- Hero
- Divine Intervention

Also, ALL Patrons (no matter what tier), will receive the special Patreon celebration piece currently being worked on.
I was initially going to upload this image to the internet later on, however I think its better as a Patreon only exclusive as a way of giving back.

That means the newest image showing Vincent in his god form will NOT be uploaded to any of the Millennium Exile socials. I will continue to show more of the "Work in Progress" sketches as we go, but the completed version will be going out to Patrons only at this stage.

This is all in addition to the current Tier rewards already in place. 
More Patreon exclusive content to come :)

Comission - Vincent looking up CU sketch.jpg

A new artist also joins the project, Mr IQ40!

I have been a HUGE fan of his for several years, and I am extremely excited to announce his participation with the Millennium Exile project as the main artist for the Demo Reel :)

You can check out IQ40 at the following links:




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As always, I'd like to thank the following amazing Patrons from the bottom of my heart: 


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Calculated & Dangerous (Tier 3)

  • Graeyson

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If you wish to become a Patron, you will not only be helping the project move forward - but you will also be supporting the talented artists from around the world who also work on the project.
Together we can help make Anime history!