This week’s blog is a simple one:
I’d like to take the time to share some of the amazing artwork many of you in the community, have so lovingly drawn.
The artwork below is 100% fan-art, submitted to me from the awesome and talented men and women who follow the Millennium Exile project. I’ve done my best to provide links and user names for everyone so please feel free to go and show them some love!
Enjoy! :)


This amazing Gilgamesh WIP, by artist Anthony Harris from Anthony Harris Art on Deviantart:


This colorful Malik piece was drawn by fan of the project, Daniel.


These next two pieces are of Hunter and drawn by the talented artist: Hexm
Instagram: @hexm

Hunter Fanart hexm.jpg
Hunter Fanart 1 Hexm.jpg

And another Hexm piece - this time of Sho!


The deadly Velad, also drawn by Hexm!

Hexm 2.jpg

A sketch of Kira by Yokaiartist.
Check out his Instagram page @yokaiartist

Yokaiartist aka 'tiptipartist.jpg

And this super dynamic image of Mai from fellow Aussie artist: ochki-art
Instagram: @ochki-art


moving forward.png

Work is still being done on the special Patreon piece, however organizing a 2 meter high banner for the project has taken priority this week, as I will be attending the Oz Comic-Con Brisbane convention in just 2 days time!
Speaking of which, this week has been in high gear. With the convention right around the corner, I’m preparing the materials that will be used and displayed, as well as meeting and networking with new people.

I also have another school visit the day before the convention….
It’s a new school that I’ve never attended before, and I will be presenting to year 6 students for an Anime & Character Design workshop!

With all this in the works, I’m also still managing to continue working on the Millennium Exile series plan.
This is a bullet-point, summarized document, indicating and detailing ALL significant events, and plot points throughout the various arcs within the Millennium Exile timeline.

I’m generally writing about 2000-3000 words a day, so considering this document is a “summarized” detail of events, I’m getting through a fair amount of content.
The series plan shows how many episodes are planned out for each story arc, doing this also gives a good indication of exactly how many episodes per season are being planned for.

You can see the front page of the plan below, which shows the main story arcs in bold, with the lesser “mid arc events” in between.

Millennium Exile Cover.jpg

Couple all of the above with being full-time store manager of a computer repair store, family commitments, and the general responsibilities of everyday life - and you have an extremely busy few days for yours truly.

Still though, I wouldn’t have it any other way! :)

special thanks to.jpg

As always, I'd like to thank the following amazing Patrons from the bottom of my heart: 



Master of Elements (Tier 1)

  • Daniel Taylor

  • Jaycen Hill


Dual Wielding (Tier 2)

  • SnowMew

  • Tyler Smalley

  • Coyen Olsen

  • Patrick Lowery 

  • Shaun

  • Elizabeth Nagle

  • Haider Yassine

  • James Brown (New Member)


Calculated & Dangerous (Tier 3)

  • Graeyson

  • Ben Karnaghan

If you wish to become a Patron, you will not only be helping the project move forward - but you will also be supporting the talented artists from around the world who also work on the project.
Together we can help make Anime history!