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Ryner is made up of 3 great nations; The Kingdom of Mane, The Republic of Kou and East Londell.
While these nations are currently enjoying a time of peace, they have each declared war on multiple occasions since the creation of the Meister armies some thousand years ago.

These wars were driven as many often are; by political gain, greed, power, territory and resources.
They are also referred to as the “Great Meister Wars”.


The Millennium Exile story takes place within a region known as the “Republic of Kou”.

Being at the epicenter of both the Rapture and the Sable Fall, Kou’s population is far fewer than that of Mane and Londell.
As a result of these cataclysmic events, much of Kou’s flora and fauna were irreparably altered, giving way to thousands of new species, which now populate much of world. One thousand years later, and many scars still remain - permanently etched into the planet. Never the less - the residents of Kou live on, as they continue to rebuild the shattered lands that was once a proud nation.

Kou is also the birthplace of the original Miester armies, and it’s dangerous, yet mysterious terrain make it a haven for explorers, relic hunters and historians…all hoping to uncover the secrets of a forgotten part of the world.


 Ryuuga Metropolis

The Ryuuga Metropolis is the main capital of Solace, Fel Bara.
It is the largest city in Kou, with the exception of Templin in Xerxes. During the Sable Fall, Templin was all but eradicated, leaving nothing but a carcass of the once great city that stood as a monument to humanity. 
The Metropolis serves as a capital for high end businesses, financial institutions and world class research & development facilities.

Ryuuga’s history was not always so bright and prosperous. It’s initial construction was a cover-up, designed to hide the impoverished conditions of those that lived within a military compound known as the Ryuuga Ghettos’.
Before the Metropolis, this facility was constructed as a way of quarantining the families of post war veterans following the Rapture. After the war had ended, a contamination spread across the land as a result of the Fallen and Elven invasion.
Any humans thought to have been exposed to this plague was forcefully gathered, and held within the military compound under strict supervision.

Years later, after the plague had been eradicated, funding was cut to the military program, and the facility was shut down.
A large wall was constructed - trapping the facilities residents between the high mountains of Starfall Forest and the metropolis being built up around them.


This area soon became a breeding ground for criminal activity and became known as the Ryuuga Ghetto’s.
One thousand years later, and the Ghetto’s origin is but a lost page of history - a secret kept deep within the highest levels of government. A small military facility still stands at the forefront of the ghetto’s…preventing public access from those within the Metropolis. Rations are scarcely provided by the government and the population are loosely, monitored and branded by a marking on their neck. A powerful illusion based seal has was erected atop the fence, in order to prevent civilians in high-rises from peering over and noticing the ghetto’s below.
Although generations of culling has prevented a spike in numbers, any Meister’s are quickly relocated at a young age. This is to prevent any possible uprising from occurring.


Heaven's Peak

In the far North lie three large islands known as the Shattered Peninsula and home to the largest mountain on the planet, Heaven's Peak.A frozen tundra, Heaven's Peak is often a popular tourist attraction for people that would attempt to climb and conquer the mountain however over the years, blizzards and extreme weather conditions have prevented people from getting past mid-way.

Rumors have been circulating of a giant man living on the higher parts of the mountain and the shadow of a dragon has been seen circling the peak. These rumors have brought even more attention to Heaven's Peak as there is no records of dragons living outside of the Twilight Forest.  Although there has been no conclusive investigation, speculation suggests that perhaps an elemental Relic lies deep within the mountain, causing the extreme weather conditions. Dragon's are not permitted to be harmed in any way, shape or form on the planet, but given the hostile nature that they have demonstrated towards humans in the past,  three large sentries have been stationed to this area to guard and prevent the dragon from leaving.


The Twilight Forest

Located on Fel Bara and segregated from society by a perilous mountain range known as the "Forbidden Pass", lies The Twilight Forest. Thousands of years ago, dragons roamed the planet freely, however during the Rapture, a deep pit was opened up (this would be later referred to as the “Basile Crater”). With this massive hole blasted into the planet, Ryner's core was exposed and caused massive instabilities, threatening the planet's existence.  The great Sage dragon, Baltara, flew down into this abyss, wrapping his tail around the planet's core in an attempt to prevent it from breaking apart. Through Baltara's selfless actions, his tail was fused to the core of the planet...his life now one with Ryner and his body growing massive in size.

With the core stabilized, a nature based energy known as "Manna" spewed forth, creating a massive lake now known as the Manna Well. This manna greatly altered the plant-life that grew throughout the forest; enriching the soil and enabling it to produce plant-life that gives off a brilliant luminescent glow, giving rise to trees taller than most buildings.

Having been hunted for their magical properties, all known species of dragon now call this forest their home and they defend it with ferocious tenacity, attacking any human or man made object that reaches the forest's edge or passing overhead.

Because of this threat, very little is known about the Twilight Forest and has been ignored for many years now and is regarded as an impregnable fortress.


The Vega Citadel

Beyond the battle scarred Vorpal Plains of Kethlar, lies a desert wasteland.
The air is said to be unbreathable as a result of a catastrophic reactor meltdown thousands of years ago, however in the center of this apocalyptic nightmare lies remnants of a city, a memory of ancient times past.

Welcome to the Vega Citadel - the city of darkness and nightmares.
One of the most mysterious ancient wastelands on Ryner; several sightings of strange creatures are reported every year, as well as a myth of a group of Vampires known as the Linage clan are said to inhabit these lands.


Remnant Islands & The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea was once a vast body of water, located at the center of the main island. At the bottom of the sea floor, lie a shallow vein of Manna - a pure and magical energy source which was naturally produced by the planets core.
A large facility was constructed, and operated as a drilling site, in order to pump and store massive quantities of manna.
When the Rapture Invasion took place, this structure was targeted and sustained heavy damage throughout the first great Meister war. This caused several reactors to meltdown which lead to the facilities inevitable destruction. As a result, the sea became contaminated - dying its waters a deep red. The facilities explosion also ruptured and destroyed the manna vein, which subsequently opened up a permanent flow of magma - running just beneath the water.
With its soil also rendered infertile, humans abandoned the islands and it now lies as a grim reminder of the war.

Years later, a powerful Echo known as Abaddon would use this location as his home. This soon lead to another devastating calamity known as the “Sable Fall”; in which the previous host of the Wrath (Clough), lost control and became engulfed by its overwhelmingly destructive power.

The Wrath then transformed into a large black tree sprouting from the ground and growing thousands of meters into the air. It's roots tearing through rock and metal alike, devastating the face of Ryner and consuming the geo-thermal energy from the magma below. Eventually the tree’s destructive growth was haltered by a Lord named Yui, who possessed a powerful celestial relic. Yui used the relic to perform a seal over the world tree, thus preventing it’s growth and sealing it away deep beneath the waves of the Dead Sea.

This passage-way is just one of many cracks throughout the islands surface, leading out to the Dead Sea itself.
Fossilized black roots from the world tree and still present, and run through much of Ryner, but most visible here in the scars of the Sable Fall.


Ventris Island

Located South of Xerxes, Ventris is a hidden island that is covered with a protective cloak.
By utilizing a powerful seal, light is reflected from both the sun and the sea, to successfully camouflage the Island from sight.
Should a civilians enter the barrier without the proper clearance, the seals effect will simply push them through the other side.
Hidden deep within this tropical paradise lies Pulse, GRAVE’s main headquarters and base of operations.
All GRAVE personnel live on base, however outside information of the islands whereabouts and existence is highly classified… reserved exclusively for Vaan’s personal contacts within the world military and high ranking government officials.