Thousands of years ago, all humans possessed magic. 
During this era, powerful entities known as “Celestials” and “The Fallen” waged war against each-other for territory and power, tearing the planet asunder. The eight most powerful Mages of the world, also known as Ancients; focused their immense powers and arcane knowledge into creating seven great armies known as Meisters.

These Meister armies each possessed great powers and abilities which are defined and identified within their seven classes:

Each Meister is able to summon a weapon in line with their class...a manifestation of their soul!  

Leading each army was a single soldier known as a Lord; their powers at the absolute pinnacle, stood above all other Meisters and possessed even greater weapons with immense power known as Grails.
The eighth mage however, used his magic…dabbling in the dark arts, and created a highly destructive force known as the Wrath.
When it was last harnessed, the Wrath went berserk and almost wiped out the entire planet. Since then, neither the Wrath nor a Lord of the Melee class has been recorded throughout history. Even though humans have since lost their birth right to cast magic, Meisters still exist in the world today through a hereditary gene.

Enter Nexus, a shadow syndicate run by Xarus - a demonic entity from the shadows of a forgotten history.
He leads am army on the world, seeking vengeance for his fallen brethren, along with the domination once promised to his people.

Its up to the members of GRAVE, a clandestine, super-powered anti-terrorist organisation to stop them.
But will it be enough?


For a look into some of the history behind Ryner's dark and destructive past, you can read a special chapter zero here: 

A Prologue to Destruction


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