Kansha the Cleaner


Kansha is employed by Nexus, and serves as their body disposal expert.
Regardless of the amount of blood or mess at a crime scene, Kansha is able to effectively clean up and dispose of all evidence left behind. He has a 100% success rate and is extremely efficient at his job.
Little is known about Kansha, as his talents as a cleaner have been used to wipe away all connections to his true identity.

When seen on the job, Kansha appears reserved and professional - often performing tasks in an expedited manner. Always keeping his face hidden behind a surgical mask and goggles, it is not known if he enjoys his job as the cleaner for Nexus. Despite his emotionless and silent nature, rumor has it that Kansha is a massive Otaku, and enjoys playing magical-girl themed video games in his free time.
This paints a stark contrast between his true identity, and his gore-numb persona as “Kansha the Cleaner”.

Powers & Abilities:
Kansha does not appear to utilize any specific abilities, however his speed, stealth and flawless attention to detail seem to lie outside the capabilities of a regular human. As a result, it is speculated that Kanhsa may in-fact possess the Meister genome…although this has not been verified.
While at work, Kansha uses an array of tools and utensils, ranging from surgical equipment to power tools. His favorite appears to be that of two large cleavers that he calls his “babies”, and can fight effectively with them.
Kansha appears to have a large frame which would suggest that he works out regularly.