Sana - The Black Witch

Sana was once an extremely talented Psychic Meister, and best friend to Rose (aka Mai Natsuki).
The two were inseparable…often referring to each-other as ‘sisters’, and constantly competed for the top position in the Military Meister Academy.
During the Second Great Meister War, Sana and Rose fought side-by-side in a brutal life or death struggle. As the war continued, Rose began to question her loyalties - eventually siding with a mysterious young man named Shinn. Sana, who was fiercely loyal to the Republic of Kou, disagreed immensely with Rose’s actions, pleading for her to reconsider. However when Rose refused, Sana and Mai found themselves engaged in battle….a battle which Sana lost.
Rose disappeared, never to be heard from again, and Sana’s hatred for her sister began to grow.

Some years later, Sana uncovered a powerful lost Relic called the “Mask of Insanity”. In her obsession with gaining power, she disregarded the terrifying stories of the masks side-effects and took it for herself. The mask amplified Sana’s psychic abilities far beyond human limitations…however this came at a great cost. Upon being equipped, the mask attached itself to Sana’s face permanently, wrapping itself around her head using several straps. The straps then spiraled downward, entangling the rest of Sana’s body and retraining her arms. The mask takes care of all bodily functions such as nourishment and waste excretion through magic, and Sana’s arms have been replaced by two large Straps that hang off the back of her straight-jacket like outfit.

Sana was once a warm and loving person, caring deeply for those around her, however she took her rivalry with Rose far more seriously than she’d let on.
Rose’s actions during the Second Great Meister War scarred her deeply, leaving her broken-hearted and bitter.
Years of wandering in solitude took their toll on Sana’s mind, slowly becoming twisted, cold and silent.
She now desires only for more power.

Powers & Abilities:
Through utilizing the Mask of Insanity, Sana’s power is on par with that of a Lord. Her Psychic abilities allow her levitate, restrict or influence movement and cast protective barriers.
Sana also controls two whip-like straps in place of her arms and can even morph their shape at will.