Hey y’all, how’s everyone going? Well I hope.

Thankfully, my eye is all healed and my vision is finally back to what it was (it only took a month lol).
That being said however, a large chunk of this month was still spent away from the computer for some much needed rest and relaxation.

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of catching up and finally meeting with Kevin Penkin for a few drinks.
If you don’t recognize Kevin’s face, than perhaps your ears would recognize his work on such titles as Rising of the Shield Hero, Made in Abyss and Florence to name a few. Kevin is a freaking AMAZING composer, who has put together some of the most hauntingly beautiful tracks of sheer ear candy.


It was a freaking awesome night and I had the absolute pleasure of meeting some other really fantastic creatives.
Iv’e also been networking with some other big names in the industry and as it turns out, Millennium Exile is being watching by some very prestigious eyes…it’s actually a little daunting hahaha. I’m not at liberty of dropping names, but at the end of the day, getting attention is exactly what a project like this should be doing so it’s a good thing. Nothing is set in stone or anything like that, I just have to keep working hard and proceed as planned.


In other news, I picked up this awesome Reg Nendoroid from Made in Abyss…how freaking cute is this little guy? :D
I fear that I ‘may’ actually have an unhealthy obsession with Nendoroids. Aside from the Manga titles I’m currently reading, Nendoroids have actually been most of the merchandise to make it’s way into my Anime room.

You can buy your favorite character here:



That’s right… a little over a week ago I received the unfortunate news that I would be made redundant from my job as an I.T technician, effective the 02/10/2019. This was not reflective of any performance issues on my end, but rather, the store / location that I was employed to manage is closing down and being taken over by another company.
The new business moving in is another computer repair / sales center, and the owner is coming with a full team of his own staff.
My current boss does not have the capacity to keep a full-time staff member in his other locations so he can’t keep me either.

To put it frankly, I’m out on my ass through no fault of my own. :(

But that’s okay though because in less that a week after being notified, I was offered a job working for one of our main suppliers.
This was awesome news, but what started out as “Come in for a friendly chat”, quickly turned into a 4 page application form, a 30 question pop quiz (with questions like, what is 10% of 200 Million, What is Australia’s nearest English-speaking country, what Nation does Brazil belong to etc), followed by an intense 3 panel interview…complete with surprise role playing scenario’s.

It’s a good thing I can role with the punches because I performed well and ended up with a job offer.
I start on Tuesday 08/10/2019, which gives me 5 whole days off before jumping back into it. :)

Although Millennium Exile is my main goal, I’m getting married next year, I’m not a trust fund kid and still have bills to pay.
MillEx is't an Anime yet and does not make me any money…with 100% of the donated funds going towards the project itself.


Ohhhh, Back to school…back to school, to prove to my dad that I’m not a fool…


This month, I had the pleasure of attending another school to teach the kids about Anime as an art-form, a passion and a business.
I teach the kids about creative writing, character design, working and collaborating with artists, as well as several other things.
As usual, the children loved it and had a great time trying their hands at a small drawing workshop.

Its so cool to see their eyes light up, but its even cooler getting bombarded with selfie and autographs requests. I mean, I’m still a nobody, so it’s a little strange…but I still love that the kids get so much enjoyment out of it.

I have another school workshop coming up in the next few weeks! :D


As I’ve mentioned in other blogs…the artwork releases are going to start slowing down quite a bit.
That’s large in part because of the project’s success and development. The main bulk of the artwork has been completed and there’s only 1 new character release left, as well as a group shot….


As you can see, this is the group shot in question. It’s of the Lineage clan in all their mysterious glory. Elmer is doing a SENSATIONAL job on this piece but its freaking expensive…looking forward to this piece getting completed soon!


Introducing Yuki!
Yuki is a rouge Vampire and granddaughter of the Oracle.
Despite her prestigious origins, Yuki is outgoing, bright and highly energetic. She is outspoken, crass and often speaks out of turn, voicing her unfiltered opinions.

If you wish to know more about Yuki including her abilities, please check out his full biography at the link below:


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