Yuki is a rouge Vampire and granddaughter of the Oracle.
Despite her prestigious origins, Yuki’s tenacity and thirst for adventure often lead her to leave the Vorpal Plains to scare and terrify humans. On one of her trips to the human world, she encountered the young prince - who had been sent to retrieve her.
Yuki and Kiba quickly became friends and from there, the prince would frequently use his position to cover for her numerous mischievous indiscretions. Although Kiba supported Yuki’s maverick personality, he constantly cautioned her about the outside world… a warning which was soon realized when Yuki was captured by a member of H.A.I.T.
Kiba rescued Yuki and she has never ventured outside the plains since.

Following the count’s defeat, Kiba inducted Yuki into the Lineage Clan, where she is not only his personal attendant, but also Kiba’s romantic partner.

Yuki is outgoing, bright and highly energetic. She is outspoken, crass and often speaks out of turn, voicing her unfiltered opinions.
Despite her rude behaviors, she is quite endearing, mischievous and adventurous.
Yuki admires and cherishes Kiba deeply, but not even he can change her mind when she has decided on something.
It’s hope on board or get out of the way with this fiery blood sucker.

Powers & Abilities:
As well as possessing all vampiric traits such as overwhelming speed, regeneration and accuracy; Yuki has the ability to see the thread of fate that is attached to all living things. When a moment presents itself that might lead to an opportunity for demise, Yuki is able to see a silver thread attached to the person. This thread is unable to be interacted with by any ordinary object in the physical realm, however Yuki’s Scythe is made of a special substance which defies this law. When Yuki cuts this thread, the opponent will die.
Yuki’s eyesight is a result of her family’s noble lineage and history of retinal traits.