Gather round everyone, for this month we have Vampires and Demons in Octobers “Spooky” Month in review!

This month was both busy and slow (if that makes any sense).
The project may have “seemed” quite on the social media front, but the gears are always turning. I have some truly AWESOME artwork to share with you this month, as well as hitting a special milestone (more on that later).

My personal life had many ups and a few downs this month.
I started a new job in another computer shop which is over an hour drive each way. My lower back also twisted up on me again, causing me some great discomfort. I now have to attend Physiotherapy more regularly, which mostly seems because of the new travel distance to the shop. I even interviewed for another job (prior to this one) but I unfortunately had to turn it down based on the capabilities of my lower back. This injury is really inconvenient to say the least.

Kelsey FINALLY handed in her thesis for her university (or collage) degree in Town Planning and Sustainable Development!
It’s been 5 long- ass years filled with blood sweat and tears (mostly hers), but I also spent MANY a night camped out on the floor of Kelsey’s study, editing her assignments. Obviously, the same goes for the thesis, which was another massive commitment this month, but I can finally say it’s all over. Kelsey handed in her thesis the other day, and the poor girl can finally retain her sanity.

To celebrate…we attended a special gala with several of Kelsey’s peers and cohorts.
Because this was going to be my first time meeting these people, Kelsey wanted to make sure I looked my best, so she dropped a few $$$ on a new outfit, to make sure I looked sharp and made the best impression. I fit into the new clothe’s just fine, but there was still a lot of pressure on me to look sharp, so I jumped back into 8/16 Intermittent Fasting. That means I can eat within an 8 hour window, and I fast for the remaining 16 hours.
Doing this really helps me, in combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise…which is exactly what I did! I dropped all soft drinks and junk food (giving me lack-of caffeine headaches every morning and general nausea). These feelings obviously pass as your body adapts to not having a continuous flow of nonsense put in the gas tank, but I was also hitting the gym almost every day.

Look, I’m not one to blow my own whistle, but as a result of the hard work, I managed to loose a few kg’s in a week, which helped me feel a bit more confident on the night.


I’m so very proud of Kelsey, what she has done is truly remarkable to me! The sheer amount of hard work, perseverance and dedication this woman has put in to her studies is awe inspiring. I’m not really the academic type by conventional standards, so watching this journey has been amazing.



Back teaching the kids…


Recently I had another day teaching the kids about the Anime.
In case you’re new here, on these days I visit and guest speak at schools around the state. I talk about the history of Anime, the differences between Manga and Anime, how it is made and what the differences are between Cartoons from the West, and Japanese Anime. As there are many fans of Millennium Exile in these schools, the kids love hearing about the project, as well as some tips and tricks with writing / creating your own story and character design.

We usually wrap things up with a drawing workshop, where the kids get to try their hands at drawing, by copying some images printed from the net. It’s simply incredible to see how much talent some of these little people have….I mean, these were year 5’s and I was actually envious as to just how crazy good these kids are at such a young age!



This months rewards…


This month we had two “Original Design Sheets” released…Clay and Hunter.
All Patrons who support the project on Patreon $25 and over receive exclusive access to my original design sheets of these characters. The drawings are actually quite embarrassing for some of the characters, but it gives you some great insight as to how they started out, as apposed to how they look upon final release!



Released Images WIP’s and future releases…


This month actually marks quite a big milestone for me and Millennium Exile….namely, the FINAL character release!
49 designs later, and all the the Millennium Exile characters have finally been revealed. It’s taken me years to complete this and I absolutely have Hary to thank. Hary was not only the very first commissioned artist to work on the project, but he has also been with me from the very beginning! Elmer joined the team late last year and carried the project’s demo reel across the finish line, later helping out with the character releases.

Seriously, I just want to take a moment to thank the both of you from the bottom of my heart…I am truly thankful and honored. Everyone, please show these guys some love!

Now, let’s get into this months artwork!!!


Introducing Abaddon!

Abaddon is an echo, like Xarus and arrived on Ryner during the large scale invasion known as the Rapture.
He was an extremely high ranking commander within their forces and managed to survive the mass extinction of his kind.

Abaddon also currently resides within the body of a certain eye-patched wearing gunslinger.... however, If you wish to know more about Abaddon including his abilities, please check out his full biography at the link below:


I know, I know....two pieces of MillEx art, only a few days apart? That's right fam...both Hary and Elmer were held up with delays in their artwork, and BOTH finished and handed their works in on the same day! This very special piece comes at the behest of many of you fans, asking for a Lineage Clan poster!
Well, I got your DM's, heard your requests and delivered.

The Lineage Clan Poster is COMPLETE!

If you wish to learn more about the Lineage Clan, please check out their individual bio's here:



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