Hi there everyone, bit late for the usual blog post I know….
Iv’e had a few health issues to deal with - more on that a little later.

I’m looking at making these blog posts monthly, that way I get to pack more content into a single post, rather than bombard you with what’s happened in a each week.
That being said however, if things get really busy, I’ll be sure to make the blogs more frequent.

So without further adieu, let’s jump into things…..


health update.png

Trying to get ‘back’ into action…..
(I’ll see myself out.)

If you keep up to date with the project via Facebook and the other socials, you might have heard me talk about this in earlier posts, but a few weeks ago I injured my back.
Actually, I mentioned it in my last blog post, so if this is the first your’re learning of this,

I wasn’t doing anything serious, in fact, I was just sitting down with my feet in the water at the beach, when the nerves in my lower back started to spasm.
This pain isn’t entirely new for me, it often comes and goes…sometimes weeks or even months between incidents.

However as this was the worst back pain that I recall ever having, I got my ass to a doctor.
He had me take a CT scan and some X-rays, which revealed that I have two bulging discs, and major inflammation that is pressing into the nerves - pinching and bruising them.
The location of this injury has also resulted in a loss of strength in my legs, and X-rays have found that my neck is a bit messed up also.

Oh and apparently I have osteoarthritis….

giphy (3).gif

I’ll be alright, I’m under doctors orders to rest for a few weeks and if the swelling subsides enough (with the assistance of some anti-inflammatory medications), I might be able to undertake in physiotherapy soon.
That all said though, I’ll likely be prone to these back injuries for the rest of my life.

But you came here to read about Millennium Exile, not my whiny crap…so let’s look at some cool stuff. :D


demo reel.png



In a rather big update, I have released the current build of the Millennium Exile Demo Reel to the interwebs. This current build of the demo is only a 2/3 cut, as the last third will be for pitch purposes only and will not be debuted anywhere online.
This is for a multitude of reasons, such as agreements with voice actors, as well as containing some pretty exclusive content regarding the story.

If the last part of the statement puts a big ol’ question mark above you head, then allow me to elaborate.

You see, although I upload and release a pretty large amount of information regarding the Millennium Exile story, some of the really original stuff is kept far from the public.
This is to prevent would-be copycats from obtaining the stuff that makes the story so good.
I guess you could say, it’s Millennium Exile’s secret herbs & spices.

Besides, I feel that this 2/3 of the demo is still pretty hype.
It paints a simplistic picture of the overall story while introducing us to a few of the characters.
I want to build an intriguing premise, while attempting to not over-complicate things in an effort to impress the audience.

Patrons of the project have actually had access to this for a while now, but I decided it was time take it out from behind a pay-wall, and share it with the world.

This video is actually on the main website too, so it’s hardly difficult to find, but I really hope you all enjoy it.

Of course…this is the internet, so a little hate and some negative comments are to be expected.
But that’s okay too :)
I actually believe that the worst thing a writer can do is try to please everyone.
By doing so, you will constantly overthink the public’s reactions, while betraying your own vision.

Even the most successful fictional stories such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and A Song of Ice and Fire have people who hate them.
You can’t please everyone, and to quote a line from the great masterpiece, Evangelion:
“There are as many truths as there are people”.

I do love you all though, so even if you don’t like what you see, I hope you will watch a few episodes if/when the show comes out.
Who knows, maybe seeing it in action will change your mind :p


moving forward.png

We got some goodies to show….

Well then , you’ve all sat and (presumably) read though so much already - so I won’t bore you with more ramblings.

Let’s dive straight into some artwork shall we?


Artist: Hary Istiyoso:


In last months blog post, I showed you all the Work in Progress for Riku Krauser.
Well here he is everyone….live in living color .

You can check out Riku’s full bio here:

Demon Zero websized.png

Jumping right into another of Hary’s brilliant works is this gem.

Here we see Zero in a form known as “Fissure”, in which he allows the demon within his left eye to release it’s spiritual energy.
The overwhelming pressure of this demonic power renders Zero unconscious and he becomes a threat to both friend and foe alike.

You can read up on Zero more here:


Artist: Elmer Damaso

new Lan webby thumbnail.png

Elmer belted out some freaking AWESOME demo reel scenes in the last few weeks
(with more currently in development).

These scenes are from a particular battle sequence between Lan and the two Odin brothers, Kouru and Tetsuya.
While this portion of the actual demo reel will not be shown to the public, Patrons of the project get access to these images in their full, un-cropped glory :D

For this exclusive content as well as much more, become a member of the Patreon family here:


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