Okay, where the hell did March go!?! Anyone?


Seriously, March has been super busy…for both me (personally) and the project!

My back is healing up nicely, however I’ve had a few anxieties in my life which has really taken a toll on my stress levels.
It’s been a really hard month for me to be honest, but I never let my personal life interfere with the project.

Millennium Exile is bigger than just one little Aussie.


A fan (who wanted to remain anonymous) sent me this doctored image of the Crunchyroll website, in which he has made a creative edit....

The image was sent with the following comment:
"I can't wait until next week's episode".

Now I want to be clear....for people who only read capitals letters: THIS IS NOT REAL! :P
It was created by a fan, to express their appreciation and excitement for the day where Millennium Exile can be seen next to these hit shows.

And to be was really touching.
This image legitimately have me goosebumps.

Thank you :)

moving forward.png

Artist: Hary Istiyoso

Hary has been a busy man, and this months character release is looking to be a bit late…coming through early April.


As far as the character goes, I’ll keep it light, saving the detailed information for when he gets released….but what I can tell you is his name is Lockheart and has two forms: A muscular adult, and a skinny child :)


Artist: Elmer Damaso

Our resident demo reel artist, Elmer has been extremely busy lately…feverishly drawing to help complete more & more footage.
Alongside each post, will either be an exert (explaining the back story) or some information to better describe the image.
As usual, the full images to the Millennium Exile demo reel are unlocked through becoming a member of the Patreon family.


This post was a big one…

Not only did it successfully conclude the Lan vs the Odin brothers scene, but it also consisted of 2-3 separate images over mere days!

"At-at least finish me off"
Kouru pleaded as he coughed up blood on Kyo's boot.

A moment of silence fell upon the scene but for the briefest of moments as Kyo lowered his chin to his chest, hiding his eyes behind the fringe of his hair.
Suddenly the air grew thick with an intense blood-lust, as a demonic smile spread across Kyo's face.
He chuckled maniacally, then lifted his head and met Kouru's gaze with a cold, emotionless glare.

"I don't waste my time of the weak, you can bleed out painfully for all I care".
Kyo sadistically stated, almost as if to enjoy Kouru's dying moments.
"If you can stand up, I'll put you out of your misery and give you a warriors death", he continued.

Despite the pain surging throughout his body, Kouru now found himself scared for the first time in his life. He attempted to pick himself up - using his sword as a crutch. his blood soaked hands slipping from the hilt.
Kyo stood idly by and watched Kouru, entertained by his futile efforts with the same eager smile.

It wasn't long before Kouru's strength finally failed him, becoming completely incapacitated and collapsing into a pool of his own blood as the life faded from his eyes.

vinny teaser thumb.png

This scene was a simple one, with Vincent struggling to understand his newfound and deadly powers.
Patrons of the project not only got the full image but a special GIF also :)


This is the latest scene in the demo reel....showing us the an evil figure, sitting atop a dark and twisted throne.

In order to hide his presence as he gathers power, this creature possesses the body of a young boy. The body is unassuming, innocent and uses less energy to occupy - making it the perfect cover. 
Eventually leaving this shell, as a snake sheds it's skin - he often jumps from body to body for his own conveniences throughout the story.

He is nobody, yet everybody.
Nowhere, yet everywhere.
He is the greatest threat the world has never heard of.
He is Xarus, leader of Nexus!

xarus teaser.png

As an extension of the last image, this time we see Xarus’ demonic form - the true face of evil!


Well that’s another month passed, and another blog posted.
There has been a lot of new artwork completed for the project, and the demo reel is fast becoming complete. All in all, I’m really happy with how much got done :) I put together a trial super-cut of the demo in it’s entirety and it’s looking really nice (if I do say so myself).
I really wish I could share it all with you, however my agreement with many of the voice actors involved stipulate that a portion of the demo reel will be for ‘pitch purposes’ only….and I have the utmost respect for them.

Thanks again for reading….and I’ll see you in April!



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