Howdy everyone!

So I’m sitting here…typing this blog with a case of sunstroke and a pinched nerve in my back.
I’m not sure what happened, but earlier today I went to the beach with some friends and ended up throwing my back out.

I have a belly full of Subway sandwiches and pain relief medication, so please forgive me if this blog post isn’t my finest :P


I mean, I could have just skipped the blog but there’s no way I’m doing that.
I had a car accident back in 2016 in which I was almost killed (legitimately), and I still came home from the hospital in time for my interview with a pop culture magazine regarding Millennium Exile.

I take my commitments to you guys and this project very seriously :)
So with that all said…


its done.png

Sweet baby fish nipples, it’s finally done….


The freaking Series plan is DONE!

In short; the series plan is a complete list of each story arc, and a breakdown of all the events that takes place within them.
This is to better help myself and a studio to sit down, and go over the contents of the Millennium Exile story, in order to get a feel for how everything will unfold.

The plan is a highly summarized document, in order to give as much information as possible, in an expedited manner.


Time spent: 4 months
Pages: 101
Word Count: 49,214
Estimated Episodes: 72

This means 3 seasons of 24 episodes
6 seasons of 12

Now this is just the first pass through...meaning I'll now be going over and revising the document as a whole - checking things like sentence structure and whatnot. 
Although this is a summarized brief, it still needs to make sense :P 

moving forward.png

Let’s have a look at some updates and releases shall we?


Firstly, let’s talk about the newest character release I have Hary working on….Riku Krauser!

Riku WIP.png

Riku is an assassin and Blader Meister, and speculated to be the younger brother of Julia (featured in blog #20)
This piece is shaping up to look freaking amazing, but you’ll have to wait for the full release for Riku’s complete character bio :)


Next up….some Demo Reel updates:

I have recently adjusted the way I am releasing demo reel artwork…
As a way of giving back, all full images are now only available by becoming a Patron of the Project.
This was also discussed a little more in detail in Blog #21.

These images are unlocked to all members, regardless of tier…so if you are a fan, and keen to help out, please consider heading over to the link below and showing your support!

Elmer has been working his very best to bring these scenes to life… in particular, these astonishing images from the Lan Vs. Kouru & Tetsuya portion of the demo.

With blood still pouring from his open wounds,
Lan's body shakes uncontrollably as he slowly gets back up.
Suddenly his spiritual energy changes drastically, and Kouru and Tetsuya are taken back as the air begins to fill with a murderous intent.


Lan looks up at Kouru, 
"Do you really think a little blood is going to stop me? 
He says with a foreboding tone, as his voice began to distort.

"If that's the case...then you'd better THINK AGAIN!" 
Lan's eyes suddenly change to that of a deep orange.

It soon becomes apparent to both Kouru and Tetsuya that they were no longer facing, this presence was different.

It was almost as if he were now being possessed by some unrelenting force of pure carnage.
A force driven by rage, who's sole focus was the elimination of all who stood in its way.


Oh boy….


In particular, let’s talk Sasuke memes….

I’m sure many of you know already what I’m talking about, however for those of you not in the know; a Sasuke meme has made its rounds across the Internet throughout the start of 2019.

The meme depicts a scene in Naruto in which Sasuke is pinned against a wall by his brother Itachi.
Well, people (for some reason) have been cutting old Itachi out of the picture (literally) and replacing him with a variety of different things.

For example:


Well, our boy Setsuna joined the meme status thanks to fan of the project: Tyler Smalley ( @reddead405 )
I have to admit, I laughed my ass off when I saw this :P


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