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Welcome to 2019!


I hope everyone had a safe, healthy and happy holiday season, FILLED with good company, food, drink, games and of course (ahem) anime :)

I myself caught up with family and friends, however as I work in retail as a computer technician, I don’t really get any time off during the holiday break. In-fact, business for us is even crazier than the rest of the year, so it’s pretty easy to get burnt out.

….and that’s exactly what happened lol.

It’s been a few weeks, but I thought I would ease back into the MillEx blogs, with them continuing to be released fortnightly (at least for now).
As it’s still early in the year, there are lots of plans for the project in 2019, but not too much to actually report on just yet.

That being said, I still have lots to talk about, so lets jump right into things!


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With a new year, comes another new Anime season….and one I’m actually pretty excited for!

I haven’t done this type of thing in previous blog posts, however I’m considering making this a usual topic, where I talk about what I’ll be watching every new season moving ahead.
What do you think?

So…..what are you watching Ty?

Well dear reader, I’m glad you asked….thank you for being so super interested :P
Below are the titles I’ll be diving head first into:

Rising of the Shield Hero:



Man travels to a fantasy realm and finds himself as one of the four great heroes of legend…said to posses the power needed to save the world from a demonic presence.
However the protagonist finds himself as none other than the heavily mocked and underestimated “Shield Hero”.


My Anime List:




The Promised Neverland:



Orphaned kids growing up on a massive property, and told never to go near the fence. When kids are adopted or leave the sanctuary however, they are never heard from or seen again….until three of the orphans discover the truth behind their orphanage.
All is not as it seems! (oooohhh)


My Anime List:




Mob Psycho 100 2:



(Series 2 of Mob Psycho 100)
Kid with psychic powers, low self esteem and no social skills is taken advantage of by a man claiming to be a physic master and uses Mobs insane powers for his own financial gain.


My Anime List:







Crippled kid has his body parts stolen at birth by a group of demonic entities. He is given deadly prosthetic’s and now hunters the demos down to regain his former body.


My Anime List:




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With the arrival of 2019, comes a few changes being made to the content I’ll be sharing on social media and Patreon.
Don’t worry though, PLENTY of artwork is still going to be shared, however as I’ve mentioned earlier, I'm working very hard to be ready for pitching to studios by 2020.

This means completing the series plan, demo reel, having all character artwork completed as well as the art-book published in both English and Japanese formats!

After 10 years working on this project, it's extremely exciting and scary to say the least :) 
To think of where this all started to where we are now is simply astonishing to me, and I have so much more to come ;)

That being said however, I need to make few more things exclusive to Patreon... in particular, the demo reel artwork.

Any and all support for Millennium Exile is extremely appreciated, and very much needed this year.
This means giving back even more to those who are helping project financially through Patreon. 
I love all my fans and don't get me wrong...you will still be getting plenty of artwork and updates through social media, and completed scenes will still get shared - albeit a cropped version.

But moving forward, all ‘full’ scenes will now be Patreon exclusives :)

I know we have just come out of the holiday season, but if any of you have the capacity to do so, please consider checking out the page and contributing what you can....every little bit helps immensely!

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Demo Reel:

Lan Kouru and Tetsuya rough sketch.jpg

A little sketch preview of the next demo reel still from Elmer Damaso.

This whole scene between Lan and Kouru has a lot more key frames and elements than any other scene in the demo reel to date...but that's precisely why it's going to be 🔥🔥🔥

Also, who can the this mysterious third person be? 🤔

Remember to become a Patron of the project for exclusive access to the completed scenes, along with their subsequent story-boards.

Cropped versions will still be uploaded to all socials.

Character Art:

SONIC websized.jpg

Hary is at it again! :D

This is Sonic, a female Meister from Vincent's past.

Despite being a Lancer Meister, Sonic now has a special ability to expand and contract her spiritual energy at an extremely high frequency. 
This vibration of energy, super-heats the air around Sonic for a split second, before emitting a massive clap of thunder from her body. 
The thunder varies in destructive capabilities, acting as something of a Sonic-boom and melting the ground beneath her as, well as anything within radius of her spiritual pressure of a few inches.

Link to Sonic’s Full bio can be found here:

Hary is also currently working on a new character release, however we do not yet have a WIP to show.
I can however, tell you that the character being released this month is Riku - a deadly Nexus assassin with gravity manipulation abilities!
Stay Tuned for future updates!


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As always, I'd like to thank the following amazing Patrons from the bottom of my heart: 

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  • Ben Karnaghan

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