That’s right, as many of you may have seen via on the socials, I’ll be making an appearance at Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Brisbane.
On Sunday the 11th of November, yours truly will be making an appearance on stage in the Seminars section at 4pm!

I only found out that I was presenting through a friend congratulating me on Facebook. Confused by this, I looked in the Supanova schedule and there I was “Ty Hanson presenting Western Creators in Japanese Industries”. I contacted the content coordinator for the expo, and it looks like none of their emails made their way to my inbox…..Bizarre.

I only have a short amount of notice - but it would mean a lot to me for anyone who can attend :)

Check out their website for more information:


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Alrighty it’s just about that time…time for our first live hangout!
Because the project hit it’s first major goal on Facebook, I’ll be doing live hangouts on the first weekend of every month.
The hangout will be in Discord and will run for anywhere between 30-60 mins.

Day: Saturday - 3rd of Novemeber

Time: 7:30pm AEST

Invites to the server will be sent through DM’s on the Patreon website in the next few days. This will give you plenty of time to get access to the channel in advance :)


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I think I may have killed Hary with the Patreon Exclusive piece…
Make sure you show poor Hary some love for all the hard work he put into this image, by becoming a member of the family and checking it out. The image is available to ALL TIERS and starts for as little as $2. There’s all sorts of other bonus and rewards and every little bit counts.

IQ40 has been drawing like a madman on the group Nexus shot for the Demo Reel. In this we see Malik, Velad, Chrono, The Black Witch, and a never before released character…Julia; as they gather around a beaten Vincent Clyne.

This is the very first artwork of Nexus members all together so be sure to show this image some love on all the socials and tell us who your favorite is :)

WIP of 5 characters.jpg


As always, I'd like to thank the following amazing Patrons from the bottom of my heart: 

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