Due to an absolute HECTIC week, both behind and ahead of me, this weeks blog is a short one.
Never-the-less, there is some really cool stuff to read about, so lets jump right into it!

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So it is my GREAT pleasure to announce Millennium Exile's affiliation with the worlds largest Anime Discord server - Anime Base!

They currently have over 85k members from around the world, and have a variety of chat channels regarding all things Anime and Manga :)

I am now a member of their staff, and a representative for the channel, so if you like to hang out with your nerd out...click the logo below for more details!


For those of you attending…or if you missed last weeks blog, I will be hosting a panel at the Supanova Pop Culture Expo this coming Sunday at 4pm.
I will be discussing being a western creator, however I just might be showing off a little more of the Millennium Exile demo reel.

So, if you aren’t yet a member of the MillEx Patreon and you want to see a cut - pop on by and say hello :)


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It’s fast approaching Christmas time, so we can expect things with the project to slow down as far as the press and media outlets are concerned - but that doesn’t mean I wont have awesome artwork to share with you all! :D

Below is a WIP of IQ40’s latest still for the Demo reel in which we see a few of the terrifying members of Nexus assembled.
This piece will actually be completed any time now, so keep an eye out on the MillEx Facebook and Instagram pages for the release!


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As always, I'd like to thank the following amazing Patrons from the bottom of my heart: 

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Master of Elements (Tier 1)

  • Daniel Taylor

  • Jaycen Hill

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Dual Wielding (Tier 2)

  • SnowMew

  • Tyler Smalley

  • Coyen Olsen 

  • Shaun Ivanku

  • Elizabeth Nagle

  • Haider Yassine

  • James Brown

  • Kylie Keen

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Calculated & Dangerous (Tier 3)

  • Graeyson

  • Ben Karnaghan

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Calculated & Dangerous (Tier 3)

  • James Salhani