Hi there, everyone....apologies for the lateness of this blog, I was somewhat incapacitated, but I'll go into that a little later.


Another Interview

A Manga serialization magazine from America recently interviewed me regarding the Millennium Exile project...that makes 2 Interviews in as many weeks :)

The magazine is called "Saturday AM" and is an amazing publication in which talented artists from outside of Japan come together to get serialized in hopes of getting their work out into the world.
The magazine really is quite amazing as it sports an array of extremely talented artists with some exceptional stories to tell. 

This interview was extremely interesting to say the least as the questions were so well thought through and cleverly written. 
It really shows the passion and respect the author must have for Anime and for those attempting to get noticed by the industry. 

I'll be sure to link you all to the issue with my Interview however unlike the Gametraders magazine, you will need to purchase a subscription.
$1.99 for a single issue or $5.00 a year for so much content,what a bargain!


Gametraders magazine Interview

The Interview with Gametraders magazine released and it looks awesome!
I recently posted this on the Millennium Exile Facebook page however I thought I would link it here for anyone who may have missed it.

Click below to read the full article:

A Near Death Experience

A few days ago I was involved in a rather serious car accident. I was driving at 60 kph when a car left it's lane and crossed into mine, causing a near head-on collision. 

My car did not have airbags and I hit the steering wheel with such force that I broke the drive shaft, pushing the wheel upwards and into the windscreen. 

I was rushed to the hospital with suspected internal bleeding, broken bones and a fractured spine.
Amazingly however and after extensive testing and scans, none of these were present within my body and I was left with severe whiplash, bruising and swelling. 
I't been a tough few days to say the least with making call after call, attempting to get back on the road and find the sense of normality I possessed before the accident.

I'm having to get an ultrasound today to check that all my organs are still functioning properly so fingers crossed.


Side Note: I was the Green Car with the Gurren Lagann Signage on it...

Trying to stay in high spirits on a very uncomfortable ride in the ambulance.

Day One

Day One

Day Two

Day Two

Day Three

Day Three

Here is the dash-cam footage of the accident.
It was captured by another motorist waiting at the intersection and provided to me.
In an attempt to keep my sense of humor, I made a few edits to keep things light-hearted.

Well, that's about it for another blog. 
Apologies for a lack on content this week however I'm sure many of you will understand given my recent circumstances.

Until next week - Stay Safe on the roads these holidays!