Another week, another blog.
This week I'll be sharing with you my newest piece for the upcoming demo reel and some of my Anime toy photography.

Shall we?


Newest Artwork:

The newest still from Millennium Exile's upcoming demo reel is out. In this image, we see a group of people walking in a crowded area. This is to illustrate that the Meisters of our story walk among regular people and are in-fact still a normal part of society.   

Spot a familiar person? :p


Anime Toy Photography

For those who may not know me all too personally, I am a photographer. Real Estate photography is the means in which I earn my weekly wage , however I absolutely LOVE taking photo's of nature, animals and scenery...but none more so than Toy photography.

Being the Anime fan that I am of course  means that Anime collectibles are my predominant focus when I'm behind the camera :) 

Please see below for some examples of my work.

Now this certainly isn't all of my work, but more of a few of my highlighted and more popular images.

While I enjoy setting up the studio, firing up the lights and doing some product photography by a standard practice, I also enjoy getting out and setting up the figures for some environment shots.  I feel that these shots can often (and if done right) lead to capturing the emotion and characteristics of the subject.

Should you want to see more of my catalog, please feel free to check out my Flickr gallery or swing by Finchzero Photography on IG & Facebook. 




Flirckr is a fantastic source of brilliant photography as it contains hundreds of thousands of groups - all dedicated to specific types and styles of photography including toys!
There is a vast range of amazing talent on this page and can often be a great source of inspiration so I would highly recommend you check it out :)

For me, toy and figure photography is another way of expressing my passion for Anime.
Maybe if you guys are interested, I can do a blog on the toy photography process :) 

So tell me, what do you like to do to express your passions?

I hope you enjoyed this weeks little blog.
Until next week, stay frosty and stay safe throughout the holiday season.