Howdy everyone! I hope this blog finds you once again in good health :)
Let's jump right into things shall we?

Magazine Interview:

Early last week I received an awesome message of support from an Australian Anime & Gaming company, Gametraders. They requested an interview in order to publish a piece on Millennium Exile in their next online publication of "Live" magazine.
This was an amazing offer as any form of love towards the project is appreciated, but also goes towards further exposure in order to bring it to the attention of more and more Anime fans. 

I have been sent the final draft of the interview and it's a fantastic read...not too mention they are running a competition to win a Millennium Exile mounted print! 
The issue with the interview has not yet gone live (pun completely intended), however I will provide a link in another blog post upon it's release.

Demo Reel Progress & Update:

As usual, the demo reel has been eating up a lot of time and resources which makes it tough on you guys because it's hard to share everything that's going on.

This is because the demo reel will not be released to the public or uploaded anywhere online. This is largely due to it being for studio pitch only and offers up quite a lot of extra information about the story. Not too mention that the demo has been professionally dubbed by Anime voice actors in the United States.
It sucks I know, but it's hard on me too that the best part of my project is a part that I can't show to you, so please be patients guys...I'll always share whatever I can in bits a pieces.

Hary - The main artist for the character introductory pieces has been brought on to the demo reel to help out as another artist has been unwell for some time and unable to draw. 
A couple more pieces to go and Hary will be back in his usual seat, belting out more of my character designs, I promise ;)

Marcos has also been brought into the project as the new colorist for the demo reel in order to help take some strain off other artists and to hopefully expedite the whole process.

Speaking of which, here is a work in progress of a still from the demo reel :)
This image depicts the ancient mages congregating and pooling their powers together, in order to create the great meister classes from the stories mythos.

The image still a work in progress so stay tuned to the Facebook page for regular updates also.

The image still a work in progress so stay tuned to the Facebook page for regular updates also.

Please find links below to Hary and Marcos' Deviantart pages for more of their work:

Donations & Shout Outs:

As many of you may (or may not) know, Millennium Exile is open to donations.
This is to allow for anyone wanting to show their support in the form of financial contribution towards paying for further artwork. Originally it wasn't even my idea, although it was only after popular demand that I opened up the project to would seem that many of you were keen to put a little something towards seeing Millennium Exile made into an Anime and I thank you all.

This week in particular, I would like to personally give a whole hearted thank you to Tristan Woodington and Mohammed Anbari for their donations in the last week.
Your contributions will be put 100% towards new artwork and you guys will be tagged and thanked again when the imagery you helped paid for is released online :)
(Should you wish to donate towards MillEx, just hit the "shop now" button on the Facebook page).

Another big shout out goes to the Username "Skullcandyywho shared out the Millennium Exile project of his or her own free will on forums around the Internet in order to bring more (positive) attention towards MillEx.
Your awesomeness is much appreciated and goes a long way to getting Millennium Exile noticed by the right people.

Thank you :)