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Dancing with the Devil:

As the wreckage of the the Genesis and Phoenix armors burned uncontrollably, Vincent steps out from the debris in his nightmare form.

He now stands before Xarus, and as the Wrath slowly recedes back into his body, it becomes apparent that Vincent is much different than the man he once was.
The red Overdrive tracks that ran throughout his body, now glowing a bright blue as a result of the pure mana running through his veins. 
Vincent's hair was also now pitch black in color, and his ponytail had been burned away from the excessive spiritual energy radiating from his body.

Grey clouds hung over the sky, almost as if to set the stage for such a foreboding encounter. However, small rays of sunlight would break through as the clouds drifted by, catching and reflecting on a green hairpin in Vincent's hair.
It was the hairpin that Azuki had given him.

An irritated smirk formed on Xarus' face as he slowly walked towards Vincent.

“No matter what power you might have obtained, you’re still mere a human, born of flesh and blood...you are SCUM! You do not intimidate me Vincent, for I will devour you, and everything in this worl-"
“NO!” Vincent interrupted.
“I was born as the first Melee Meister in a thousand years. I am the son of Clough, the first of our kind, and Lord of the Melee class. Running through my veins is a weapon, made from the blood of the fallen Celestial, Lucifer. That power has been exorcised of its evil and now cooperates with humanity…WITH ME!"
"I have drunk the very life-force of this planet….given to me by the dragons themselves, who have protected Ryner long before mankind. The Celestials and The Fallen are no more, sealed away within their realms, but now...now a new protector has been born into this world.”

Xarus' eye widen in fear as he notices the brace on Vincent's right arm as he summons the Diablo Blade.

"Take my blood" Vincent utters.
The brace punctures into Vincent's skin and begins to fill with blood - measuring his potential.
The straps then burst open and fall to the ground, with the red armored segments at the top of the sword, splaying themselves outwards and jarring back. The once solid metal blade crumbled away as if made of delicate stone - now revealing the swords true blade underneath. This new blade glowed a bright, yet violent gold, while an overwhelming amount of energy sprouted forth from the splayed armor, encasing the golden blade in an aura of pure pink.

Xarus' legs began to buckle from the seemly limitless spiritual energy now pouring forth from the Diablo Blade.
Vincent then tensed his left arm. A sudden surge of energy passed down and through his bicep and forearm, making it's may into his fist before dissipating. The blue tracks running along Vincent's body suddenly began glowing brighter than before, as all of the Wrath within Vincent was now focused into his left hand - creating a massive and deadly gauntlet.

“No Xarus", Vincent said with a calm yet unimpressed confidence.
"What stands before you is no longer human...I am the Vincent Clyne, god of the new world and Lord of the Abyss!"