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Patreon Celebration!


Patreon Celebration!

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Well it's the end of the month, and with it - Millennium Exile's first week on Patreon! 

Before I start, I'd like to thank the following amazing people from the bottom of my heart: 



tier 1.png

Master of Elements (Tier 1)

  • Daniel Taylor
  • Jaycen Hill



    tier 2.png

    Dual Wielding (Tier 2)

    • SnowMew
    • Tyler Smalley




    tier 3.png

    Calculated & Dangerous (Tier 3)

    • Graeyson





    you guys rock.png

    You guys have already made such a massive difference in supporting this project and I cannot thank you enough. Every dollar not only helps the project, but it also supports the various artists from around the world who work on it.
    And it's not only contribution amount that matters, with each name that's attached to this Patreon page - the better the project looks to a studio when it comes time to pitch :) 

    The project is currently receiving $70 a month from you guys in it's first week being on Patreon and 100% of the proceeds are going towards the Millennium Exile artwork and I'm hoping to eventually have enough to pay for a professional score throughout the Demo Reel.  Music can be an extremely powerful tool when used in a production and is something often overlooked.

    With such amazing & talented voice actors already attached, it sets the bar quite high to polish this as much as possible!

    whats being planned.png

    Well as you might have already seen, I am currently working with Hary to bring you guys a very special image...

    This image will depict a specific scene from the end of the final fight with Xarus, and shows Vincent in his never before seen God form with his Overdrive Plus (the "Abyss" gauntlet) on one hand, and an unsealed god killer: "The Diablo Blade" in the other!   

    I plan for this image to be a special promotion piece that I'm going to pass on to all Patrons (in high resolution), as a thanks to those of you currently supporting the project :) 
    Very rarely do I upload high res artwork, and I'm currently planning more exclusive bonuses to come!





    moving forward.png

    Iv'e just come off the end of a VERY busy few months... having started a new job (in a field that required much of my time to study), doing interviews through various media outlets regarding MillEx, and I've been getting several requests to visit public and private schools to teach children about Anime, Manga and Millennium Exile!
    I won't go into to it too much here, as I'll be covering all this in the next few blogs :) 

    I'm also currently preparing myself to run my very first a panel for a convention. I've been invited to attend as a guest talk about being a western creator in the Anime genre.
    More info on that to come in the next few weeks :) 

    This blog is also getting resurrected - I'm sorry for being so slack!
    I have plenty of awesome news to share with you all, so expect more updates here, as well as some previously mentioned ones (for those of you who follow the project on Facebook).

    Iv'e been doing quite a lot since I last posted on the website, and it's time I caught you all up to speed!