Okie Dokie, here we are again :)
In the last blog, I mentioned that I would start doing fortnightly releases… at least until things picked up after the holiday season.

There are a few things to talk about in this issue so lets jump into it!


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A Weeaboo’s tale by Ty Hanson

Over the past 2 weeks, the Millennium Exile Patreon page has had some more new additions to the family - as well as another heavy hitter!
Please join me in welcoming: Dru Parker, David Haynes, Kelsey Ellis and Edward Tremenheere to the Millennium Exile Patreon family! :)

All of you are so very loved and appreciated, thanks again to everyone who is involved in supporting the project :D

These new additions also brought with them a celebration, as the MillEx Patreon page hit a massive milestone…. it’s second goal in less 3 months of activity! :O

WOO-HOO! It’s time to celebrate!
This is simply amazing, and I really do have the best fans in the world…however the celebration was short-lived as we soon lost a member, which put us back under the bar.

Regardless, I want to express my deepest gratitude to each and every one of your, regardless of the level of contribution. Iv’e said it before, but every like, share and comment means just as much. While money pays for the artwork, word of mouth helps the project travel…to reach new places and a more people.

Thanks again :)


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This time of the year can be extremely difficult for professional artists, as the companies they work for often try to squeeze as much ‘last minute"‘ artwork from them before 2018 comes to an end.
This results in something of a rather chaotic few weeks, so development on the MillEx art has slowed somewhat….at least for now ;)

Introducing Ventris Island!
A tropical utopia secretly hiding Pulse Headquarters and home to the GRAVE organisation!

Located South of Fel- Bara, Ventris is invisible to the human eye, due to a special field that has been cast over it, camouflaging Ventris with the surrounding waters of the South Cobalt Ocean.
Knowledge of Ventris, and the clandestine base operating from within it are known to seldom few, with its very existence a matter of global security.

This image was thanks to the amazing Jordan Grimmer Art with some edits done by yours truly :)

Ventris Screen websized.png

Pictured below is a current work in progress from Hary, for the Millennium Exile Artbook.
This is Julia, a Nexus Sentinel and total bad-ass…more of her to come :)
(You can actually see her in a recently released image of the Nexus crew from Elmer)


Aaaaand what post wouldnt be complete without an IQ40 (Elmer) WIP? :P
This scene is still in development and follows on from the previous images released on an injured Vincent leaning up against the wall.

I will save the info on this piece for the official release of the artwork so stay tuned!

Vincent Power Up + Wrath WIP.jpg

So this happened…..
Recently a good friend of mine Tyler went for a trip to Japan. So being the nutcase he is - the man started stashing Millennium Exile cards all over the country. XD
Ahhh Tyler, this meant a lot, but it also entertained me to no end watching all the different places you stashed these bad boys :P
Thanks again brother!

Electronics Store Akiba.jpg


As always, I'd like to thank the following amazing Patrons from the bottom of my heart: 

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Master of Elements (Tier 1)

  • Daniel Taylor

  • Jaycen Hill

  • Kelsey Ellis (New Member)

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Dual Wielding (Tier 2)

  • SnowMew

  • Tyler Smalley

  • Coyen Olsen

  • Patrick Lowery 

  • Shaun Ivanku

  • Haider Yassine

  • James Brown

  • Kylie Keen

  • David Haynes (New Member)

  • Dru Parker (New Member)

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Calculated & Dangerous (Tier 3)

  • Graeyson

  • Ben Karnaghan

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Calculated & Dangerous (Tier 3)

  • James Salhani

  • Halassy Hunor

  • Edward Tremenheere (New member)