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Vincent is a short tempered orphan, blessed with a super-human strength and living on the streets of the Ryuuga Ghettos.
One fateful day, he is confronted by a man more powerful than himself and recruited into the ranks of GRAVE; a secret anti-terrorist organisation who's members also possess strange abilities.  
Situations become more complicated when an entity known as the Wrath is awakened and enters Vincent's body. Now having to come to terms with his new and deadly powers, Vincent is thrust head first into a world he never knew existed.
However when an ancient, cannibalistic demon surfaces from the shadows of history and leads an army on the world, it falls to the members of GRAVE to stop them and save the world from total annihilation. 

Armed with a power that had been exiled for a thousand years, can Vincent be the key to the world's salvation or its demise?

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Thousands of years ago, all humans possessed magic, 
During this era, powerful entities known as Celestials and The Fallen waged war against each-other for territory and power, tearing the planet asunder.
The eight most powerful Mages of the world, also known as Ancients; focused their immense powers and arcane knowledge into creating seven great armies known as Meisters.
These Meister armies each possessed great powers and abilities which are defined and identified within their seven classes:

Each Meister is able to summon a weapon in line with their class...a manifestation of their soul.  
Leading each army was a single soldier known as a Lord; their powers at the absolute pinnacle, stood above all other Meisters and possessed even greater weapons with immense power known as Grails.

The eighth mage however used his magic, dabbling in the dark arts and created a highly destructive force known as the Wrath.
When it was last harnessed, the Wrath went berserk and almost wiped out the entire planet... since then, neither the Wrath nor a Lord of the Melee class has been recorded throughout history.

Even though humans have since lost their birth right to cast magic, Meisters still exist in our world today through a hereditary gene.

Enter Nexus, a shadow syndicate run by an immortal demon who now leads his army on the world for territory and power.
Its up to the members of GRAVE, a clandestine anti-terrorist organisation to stop them.

For a look into some of the history behind Ryner's dark and destructive past, you can read a special chapter zero here: 

A Prologue to Destruction


Interested in a free Millennium Exile wallpaper?  Feel free to download from the link below :) 

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The World

The World

Ryner is comprised of two main continents, three vast oceans and a slew of islands. 
One thousand years ago an evil entity known as the Wrath went berserk on the Remnant Islands and lost control of its immense power , causing the calamity known as the Sable Fall.
The destruction tore apart the planets surface and wiped out over half of Ryner's population, most of which lived on Fel Bara at the time. 

Since then Fel Bara has remained somewhat desolate...littered with remnants of once great ancient cities.


The Ryuuga Metropolis is the main capital of Solace, Fel Bara.
It is the largest city on Ryner with the exception of Templin in Xerxes. However during the Sable Fall, Templin was all but eradicated, leaving nothing but a carcass of the once great city that stood as a monument to humanity. 
Since then however, mankind has built anew it's greatest city; this time on Fel Bara. The Metropolis serves as the heart of all major high end businesses, financial institutions and world class research & development facilities.

In it's early days, the city gave rise to heightened criminal activity. As these crime rate rose throughout the city, more and more began to take refuge within a small residential and industrial district, tucked between the city and the mountains of Starfall Forest. 
This area soon became a breeding ground for criminals and the homeless alike and developed the name, The Ryuuga Ghettos . 

In order to combat this, great walls were erected between the metropolis and the  mountains of Starfall village, trapping the residents of the ghettos within the compound.


HeavEn's Peak

In the far North lie three large islands known as the Shattered Peninsula and home to the largest mountain on the planet, Heaven's Peak.
A frozen tundra, Heaven's Peak is often a popular tourist attraction for people that would attempt to climb and conquer the mountain however over the years, blizzards and extreme weather conditions have prevented people from getting past mid-way.

Rumors have been circulating of a giant man living on the higher parts of the mountain and the shadow of a dragon has been seen circling the peak. 
These rumors have brought even more attention to Heaven's Peak as there is no records of dragons living outside of the Twilight Forest. 
Although there has been no conclusive investigation, speculation suggests that perhaps an elemental Relic lies deep within the mountain, causing the extreme weather conditions and that the dragon is merely an apparition summoned to protect the relics power.
Dragon's are not permitted to be harmed in any way, shape or form on the planet but given the hostile nature that they have demonstrated towards humans in the past,  three large sentries have been stationed to this area to guard and prevent the dragon from leaving the area.


The Twilight Forest

Located on Fel Bara and segregated from society by a perilous mountain range known as the "Forbidden Pass" lies The Twilight Forest.
Thousands of years ago, dragons roamed the planet freely, however a calamity occurred here forming the deep tropical pit known as the Basile Crater.

With this massive hole blasted into the planet, Ryner's core was exposed and caused massive instabilities, threatening the planet's existence. 
The great Sage dragon, Baltara, flew down into this abyss, wrapping his tail around the planet's core in an attempt to prevent it from breaking apart.
Through Baltara's selfless actions, his tail was fused to the core of the planet...his life now one with Ryner and his body growing massive in size.

With the core stabilized, a nature based energy known as "Mana" spewed forth, creating a massive lake now known as the Mana Well.
This mana greatly altered the plant-life that grew throughout the forest; enriching the soil and enabling it to produce plant-life that gives off a brilliant luminescent glow, giving rise to trees taller than most buildings.

Having been hunted for their magical properties, all known species of dragon now call this forest their home and they defend it with ferocious tenacity, attacking any human or man made object that reaches the forest's edge or passing overhead.

Because of this threat, very little is known about the Twilight Forest and has been ignored for many years now and is regarded as an impregnable fortress.



Beyond the battle scarred Vorpal Plains of Kethlar, lies a desert wasteland.
The air is said to be unbreathable as a result of a catastrophic reactor meltdown thousands of years ago, however in the center of this apocalyptic nightmare lies remnants of a city, a memory of ancient times past.

Welcome to the Vega Citadel - the city of darkness and nightmares.
One of the most mysterious ancient wastelands on Ryner; several sightings of strange creatures are reported every year, as well as a myth of a group of Vampires known as the Linage clan are said to inhabit these lands.


Remnant Islands & The Dead Sea

This location was the epicenter of a devastating event from long ago known as the "Sable Fall"; in which the previous Wrath host (Clough) lost control over the Wrath becoming engulfed by its overwhelming power.

A large black tree sprouted from the ground, growing thousands of meters into the air, it's roots tearing through rock and metal alike, devastating the face of Ryner and consuming all available resources.
It took the full force of all the current Meister Lords and the worlds military just to hold the tree's destructive force at bay. Eventually it was the Gods themselves who intervened, sending The Lance of Longinus hurtling from the heavens and into the trunk of the mighty tree. 
The Lance countered the vast negative energy that gave rise to the tree's growing power, successfully regressing the tree's growth and eventually sealing it away within a precious gem.

The tides ran through the massive crater left by this event and became a massive body of water known as the Dead Sea.
Unnatural energy remains in the area due to the Wrath's presence, altering the environment and drastically changing the water's properties and making it impossible to submerge beneath. 
Some speculate that it is the will of the Gods to keep humanity from coming into contact with the Wrath ever again, as such it has remained sealed at the bottom of the sea floor for a thousand years.

This passage-way is just one of many cracks throughout the islands surface, leading out to the Dead Sea itself.
Black roots from the Wrath tree's presence still run through much of Ryner, but are most visible here in the scars of the Sable Fall.

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There are several races, groups and organizations throughout the Millennium Exile story... as such, all characters are gathered within their respected affiliations.

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About the Project

About the Project

About the Project:

Millennium Exile is an Australian based project with the eventual goal of becoming a Japanese Anime.
In order to do this, I intend to create and present an art book, filled with information and art-work (much like this website) as well as a demo reel.
Both the art book and demo reel are already in construction, with the demo reel already having been voiced by professional anime voice actors working from the U.S.
The demo reel will not be posted publicly or uploaded online and the art book will not be sold as they will be for studio pitching only.

Once Millennium Exile is ready for pitching, an important asset would be the ability to demonstrate a pre-existing support from your fan-base.
Many fans from around the world have already sent in their hard earned $$$$ as a show of support and passion. Donations can be as little or as much as you are comfortable with and all contributors will be listed by name in the pitch ready art-book. You will also be thanked personally on the MillEx Facebook page at the time of the donation and when the artwork you donated towards is completed. 

100% of the funds are put towards the completion of more artwork so should you wish to donate, please hit the button below :)