Zwei is the ultimate creation from the Nexus syndicates research and development sector.
Kite was originally a member of GRAVE however, during a battle with the two younger Odin brothers, he was killed and his corpse was taken back to the Nexus laboratories in Brizden. 
Kite was partially revived, with much of his body being replaced with highly advanced technologies. Suffering from brain damage, Kite's memories were wiped and spliced with that of a processing unit that would ensure his complete obedience.

With Kite no more, only a pure killing machine remains; containing no emotions or thoughts.

Powers & Abilities:
Kites body is heavily armored and with reactive plating and two large thrusters built into his back for propulsion.
At his core, Zwei is powered by that of pure mana stolen from the Mana Well. This allows an indefinite activation along with an arsenal of powerful energy weapons.
A unintended side effect from his pure, mana core has resulted in a healing factor when exposed to solar energy, however he must remain stationary throughout the process.