Xarus is a species known as an “Echo” - an extremely rare species which came from the crossbreeding between The Fallen and the Elves. Xarus is the son of the first Fallen, Lucifer and as such, he possesses the mad gods blood lust and twisted mentality. He also possesses the Elves blood trait - albeit a far more powerful variant, which grants him the ability to consume and possess life forms.
Following the events of the Rapture, Xarus managed to survive utilizing his powers and hiding within various human bodies to avoid being detected.
Now in the current day, Xarus conceals his presence, using the body of a small boy and leads Nexus from the shadows, using Malik as his proxy.

Xarus is fierce, violent, greedy and his thirst for power unquenchable.
His goal is the total domination of Ryner and seeks to avenge his fallen ancestors by completing their invasion.

Powers & Abilities:
Xarus he has absorbed many other demons, his powers now lying dormant within his host body.
The extent of Xarus' power is unknown.