Vincent was orphaned at a young age growing up within the confines of the Ryuuga ghettos. Since birth, Vincent was blessed with super human strength, speed, agility and stamina which he would later learn to be affiliated with being a melee meister. Often, he would use his powers to help the weak and people in need, however, he was alienated and ostracized from most of society, often being referred to as a 'devil'. Vincent would find himself constantly targeted by gangs and other violent criminals for being the only person in the ghettos with such fearsome abilities.

At 17, Vincent was approached by Zero and inducted into the ranks of GRAVE as a member of tactical combatants known as Reapers.

Vincent is hot tempered and lives off instinct, often saying what's on his mind rather than concerning himself with tact.  He has a kind heart but is often unable to relay his good intentions appropriately. 

Powers & Abilities:
As he mastered his abilities, it wasn't long before Vincent attained the title of 'Lord' of the melee meister class, granting him access to a unique new power known as an Overdrive. Vincent's Overdrive ability allows him to summon an even greater physical strength and durability, with glowing red lines becoming visible on the surface of his skin. 

Throughout the story, Vincent is exposed to a parasitic life form known as the 'Wrath'. It was initially created as the eighth meister class, however, one thousand years ago the first host went berserk and lost control; creating a calamity now referred to as the 'Sable Fall'. 

The Wrath lives within Vincents body, feeding off his extraordinary strength. This allows him to summon the Wrath through the pores in his skin to produce anything he can imagine; from offensive & defensive weapons, armours and even extra limbs. However, using these powers comes at a cost; with Vincent often having to fight and suppress a dark energy from within himself.