Velad Rayez

Velad grew up with his younger brother Sho, his mother; Stella and his father; Keith in the suburbia of Flagstone.
Stella was Lord of the Lancer class, a secret she had kept from her family; including Keith as he harbored a deep hatred for all meisters. 
When Velad and Sho started to show symptoms of their powers, Keith turned to alcohol and became very abusive towards them.

Being the eldest son, Velad understood much of what was happening and began to develop a cold attitude, particular towards his parents.
Velad was approached by a strange young child, offering to take him away from his abusive father.
That night a massive house fire broke out, killing both his mother and father. 

Velad abandoned Sho and went with the strange child, almost as if under his control.
Hewas recruited into Nexus and retains the rank of a captain and squad leader.

Velad is extremely cold and ruthless, he possesses no compassion, for human or animals alike and takes pride in his ability to kill.
It is thought that Xarus had something to do with Velad's cold persona however it is believed that the dysfunctional relationship between his father and mother played a big role in his development.

Powers & Abilities:
From an early age, Velad was an extremely powerful Lancer meister and upon the death of his mother; he inherited the title of Lord.
Velad's grail is a powerful lance known as the "Fang of Despair ". It is a three pronged blade with an abnormally long handle.
As Lord, Velad has access to the Overdrive ability, "Devil's Tear". It creates a blue portal that engulfs the spear head with several other  larger portals then appearing in the sky.
Enlarged replica's of the Fang's spear-head, made of pure energy then come crashing down to the ground in a shower of blades.