Vaan Kiseragi

(Shin Hikaru)

Vaan Kiseragi is the founder and leader of GRAVE however he wasn't always known by that name. Vaan's real name is "Shin Hikaru" and he used to serve as field leader and captain of Nexus.

Not much else is known about Vaan, however despite his youthful appearance his age is unknown and much of his past is shrouded in mystery.
Vaan runs GRAVE, as a clandestine branch of anti-terrorists often co-operating within high levels of government as private contractors. As such, the GRAVE headquarters (Pulse) runs from Ventris Island, a small land mass hidden from the world under cover of an advanced cloaking technology.

He is particularly invested in the activities of Nexus and has made it his life's work to see their evil eliminated. 

He is a generally happy and playful person, often appearing too laid back despite the serious nature of his job. Its speculated that he uses his easy going personality to mask his true feelings, making him harder to read. 

Powers & Abilities:
Although he is the political representative and figurehead for the GRAVE organization, Vaan is also Lord of the Mage class however he reveals this to no one and remains a non combatant for his own personal reasons.