Toga Odin

Toga is 27 years old and the eldest of 3 brothers, Kouru being 3 years younger and Tetsuya 5.
He comes from small village called Siren Point in Xerxes, and is a member of the Odin clan; a once powerful group of meisters who were all but eradicated in the last great meister war.
Due to his overwhelming strength, his two brothers were abducted and subject to brainwashing, making them completely loyal to Malik in order to force compliance from Toga.

Toga is a well rounded man, respectful and disciplined.
He wishes nothing more than to be free from Nexus, however in order to ensure his brothers safety, he must cooperate and serve as one of their most powerful members.

Powers & Abilities:
Toga is a Blader class mesiter, and next in line to inherit the title of Lord. Although Lan's skill with a blade is superior, Toga's raw talent and power make him a tough opponent. He also wields a relic, making him an "Arc Meister".
His relic, "The Diablo Blade" is one of the most powerful ever created and said to be the sword of Satan himself, falling to Ryner during his decent into hell. 
The Diablo Blade's counterpart is that of a gauntlet which drinks the wielders blood in order to test their combat capabilities. 
Should they be deemed worthy, Satan is said to release the full power of the sword, making them unstoppable before engulfing the host in madness, and consuming their soul.