Sho Rayez

Sho grew up with his older brother Velad, his mother; Stella and his father; Keith in the suburbia of Flagstone.
Stella was Lord of the Lancer class, a secret she had kept from her family; including Keith as he harbored a deep hatred for all meisters. 
When Sho and Velad started to show symptoms of their powers, Keith turned to alcohol and became very abusive towards them.

One night a massive house fire broke out. Sho raced to his parents room to find a strange child standing there, with his parents bedroom ablaze.
That night both Stella and Keith were killed in the fire however Velad was never found, nor the strange child.

Sho was raised in an orphanage where at the age of 16 Vaan offered him a place in GRAVE.

Sho is kind and loving, he predominantly hates fighting but works at GRAVE in an attempt to learn about his brothers disappearance.  

Powers & Abilities: 
Being a lancer class meister, Sho wields a long lance in battle. After the house fire, he found a relic from his late mother among the debris. He now wears the relic as a pendant around his neck as a memento. The power of the relic still remains a mystery to Sho.