Seiji previously disliked both Kiba and Nero, but always harbored a special hatred for the late Count.
He constantly left the Vorpal Plains, slaughtering numerous humans and causing chaos. He is one of H.A.I.T’s most wanted, and likely the only reason humans suspect Vampires of being more than mere fiction.
Often referred to as a heretic, numerous attempts have been made on Seiji’s life…often by both Kiba and Nero at the behest of their father’s will. In fact, their hatred for Seiji was the only thing that both prince’s agreed on.

However when Kiba rose against the Count, his resistance group was almost annihilated…and it was Seiji who saved Kiba in the 11th hour, thus allowing the prince’s final confrontation with his father.
Upon Kiba’s victory, Seiji agreed to help him in exchange for the eradication of H.A.I.T…a goal that lie beyond Seiji’s reach as an individual.
Kiba accepted this offer on the condition that Seiji reform from harming innocent humans and he now serves as a member of the Lineage Clan.

Seiji is ruthless and chaotic. He loves violence and has a enjoys causing mayhem.

Powers & Abilities:
As well as possessing all vampiric traits such as overwhelming speed, regeneration and accuracy; Seiji has the ability to liquify his body…becoming something akin to water. This presents a great advantage during battle, however this power is a two-edged blade as it becomes vastly unstable the more Seiji is fatigued. Should he transform while injured or exhausted, Seiji runs the risk of either not being able to completely transform or even lose the ability to reconstruct himself.