Sage Dragon Baltara

Thousands of years ago, dragons roamed the planet freely, however a calamity occurred here forming the deep tropical pit known as the Basile Crater. With this massive hole blasted into the planet, Ryner's core was exposed and caused massive instabilities, threatening the planet's existence.  The great Sage dragon, Baltara, flew down into this abyss, wrapping his tail around the planet's core in an attempt to prevent it from breaking apart.
Through Baltara's selfless actions, his tail was fused to the core of the planet...his life now one with Ryner and his body growing massive in size.

Having existed for almost as long as Ryner itself, Baltara is extremely wise...his physical connection to the planet making him especially aware of the evils that plague the lands. 
Since his kind had been hunted almost to the brink of extinction, Baltara dislikes humanity and encourages his brethren to remain within the safe confines of the Twilight Forest. 

Powers & Abilities:
Baltara has real power and ability so to speak, rather his very life is connected to Ryner itself. He can sense good and evils throughout the world and controls much of the plant-life within the Twilight Forest.