Riku Krauser

Introducing Riku, a young assassin for hire, who has found his home as a Sentinel for Nexus.
Little is known about Riku as his past, origins and age are unknown.

Although it is never directly addressed within the story, Riku is widely believed to be the younger brother of Julia, as evident by their close relationship and mismatched eye colors.
In fact, it would seem as though Julia herself has become a member of Nexus to be with Riku.

Riku has a somewhat serious personality, however he is prone to moments of immaturity in crucial moments; allowing himself to become over confident and cocky.

Powers & Abilities:
Riku is a Blader Meister who specializes in the art of assassination.
He wields a custom dagger, in which a powerful, crystal-like relic has been embedded into the the handle. 
This relic has the ability to manipulate gravity, and when used in conjunction with the dagger - multiplies gravity on the person whom it's blade slashes. 
With each slash, the gravity is further increased until eventually the target is killed...thus earning it's title: "Dead Weight".