Renge is the son of a prominent family who was opposed to the Noreaga house, and the means in which they would attain their prized Relics. Renge’s father possessed one-half of the Sunstrider crystal; which granted the user the ability to manipulate a blue flame. One night, Renge’s family estate was attacked and his parents brutally murdered in an attempt to steam the crystal. Renge escaped the onslaught with his little sister - smuggling the crystal out with him.
Years later, Renge took revenge on the Noreaga family by using the crystal’s power to burn down the family estate, murdering everyone inside…or so he believed.
A young Agito escaped and would go on to hunt down his families murderer, only identified as a man wielding a blue flame.

Renge is cold and ruthless. Despite being a victim at such a young age, the trauma inflicted on him twisted Renge’s mind. He cares only about wiping out all Noreaga descendants.

Powers & Abilities:
Renge does not possess a Meister gene but he wears part of the Sunstrider crystal, he is able to control fire at will.
Some theorize that because the crystal is still incomplete, the flame appears blue in color. Another theory is that the flame’s color is controlled by the amount of hatred in the wielders heart.