As a young boy,Ren was an orphan growing up in the Ryuuga ghettos. Having displayed the same powers and Vincent, the two quickly became best friends along with another girl named Selina; keeping one another company, and assisting in their survival of the harsh living conditions.

At the age of 13, Ren started displaying heightened aggression and violent tenancies towards other people, and began using his strength for more nefarious purposes other than simple survival. 
Vincent had something of a rivalry between himself and Ren, however that rivalry soon became replaced by a sense of fear and caution, and the two began drifting further apart; with Ren constantly attempting to influence Vincent.

Ren eventually murdered a store assistant in order to steal food however Vincent had agreed to co-operate with police in his capture and Ren was arrested.

Spending several years in prison, Ren was released on bail by non other than Malik and recruited into Nexus.

At first glance, Ren seems controlled and placid enough however he will seemingly experience sudden bursts of violence and unhinged maliciousness.
His memories of Vincent bring up the worst in Ren as he dreams of someday extracting his revenge.  

Powers & Abilities
Ren is a melee meister class, exhibiting super strength, speed, agility and endurance. We wears two metal guards on his forearms to deliver blunt force trauma to his victims.