Pantheon Armour Phoenix

Thousands of years ago, when mankind was far more primitive; the planet was invaded by giants from the stars. During this 'invasion' the planet sustained serious damage to its core, almost wiping out all life on Ryner.

Two suits descended from space and took up the mantle to fight off this invasion: The Pantheon Armor Genesis and The Pantheon Armor Phoenix. This is the Pantheon Armour Phoenix, a highly advanced mobile armour.
The genesis and phoenix successfully fought off the invasion, however, both pilots lost their lives and the suits remained inactive and buried for thousands of years.

The Phoenix lies dormant on another planet known as Eden, a special place that was once the home of the Celestials and thought to be inaccessible by humanity. However, when Nexus find a way to Eden, they seize the Phoenix for themselves.

Powers & Abilities:
Designed and constructed in another galaxy, the Phoenix Armour possesses a special ability in its armour.

Upon activation of the Pandora system, the red armour of the Phoenix begins to build up substantial heat, causing a lava-like effect throughout the metal. Upon full charge of this ability, the Phoenix can ignite its body, engulfing itself in flames - this can serve as both an offensive or defensive measure.