Pantheon Armour Genesis

Thousands of years ago, when mankind was far more primitive; the planet was invaded by giants from the stars.
During this 'invasion' the planet sustained serious damage to it's core, almost wiping out all life on Ryner.

Two suits descended from space and took up the mantle to fight off this invasion: The Pantheon Armor Genesis and the  The Pantheon Armor Phoenix.

This is the Pantheon Armour Genesis, a highly advanced mobile armor. 

The genesis and phoenix successfully fought off the invasion however both pilots lost their lives and the suits remained inactive and buried for thousands of years.
The Gensis lies dormant, at the site of the crater which later became the Twilight Forest and home to the dragons.
As no humans had ever stepped foot inside the forest, the Genesis was never found. 

Powers & Abilities: 
Designed and constructed in another part of the galaxy, the Genesis Armour possesses the special ability to absorb and emit harnessed energies. 
Several specially enhanced fibers not only make up a cape / cloak for the Genesis armour, but they also act as an external battery for offence and defensive purposes.
When energy and power is absorbed through the palms of the Genesis' hands, the internal energy reserves are engaged, however when all internal storage has reached full capacity, energy is then passed through and stored within the cape, giving it a glowing effect.

This special system allows for the Genesis to harness truly destructive amounts of energy in it's attacks or even enabling the cape to act as a shield.