Nia is a systems analyst for GRAVE and primarily serves as a point of contact for the field staff.

She is a Psychic Meister and is able to use her abilities to interface with machines and technology.
Nia is also able to relay information telepathically with Kira should there be interference with the communication systems.
These abilities make Nia an irreplaceable member of the team however, she serves primarily as a non-combatant.

Nia loves playing video games in lieu of outdoor activities and prefers to dress comfortably...often ignoring uniform and dress codes. She conducts most of her business in a loose fitting t-shirt and underwear.

She has bright pink highlights throughout her hair that appear natural in origin however, her most curious feature are her star shaped her pupils.
Nia has a bright and bubbly personality and enjoys being social. She loves to snack on junk food and is extremely energetic and alert in nature.