Malik is one of the Elves who invaded Ryner over one thousand years ago during what is now referred to as “The Rapture”.
However through the combined efforts of the Meister armies, the Celestials and the Evlen Rebel Resistance, much of the invading forces were slaughtered.
After the war, Malik found himself the last remaining survivor of his kind, when he is suddenly approached by Xarus and given a chance to avenge his fallen comrades.

Malik is devoid of personality. He is cold ruthless and completely loyal to Xarus.

Powers & Abilities:

All Elves are born with a unique power known as a ‘blood trait’. These powers vary from Elf to Elf and as such, Malik's trait is that of a limited immortality. He can regenerate and resurrect himself countless times, as long as his body can find itself when it reassembles as ash.
Malik also possesses a highly destructive spiritual energy that is emitted from his hands. He does not fatigue and does not need to breath air.