Mai Natsuki

(Rose Tatsuki)

From an early age Rose was born with the psychic meister gene. At the age of 11 she was sent away to attend the prestigious Meister Training Academy where she maintained perfect grades.
After graduating with honors, she attained the rank of Lord and enlisted with the military.

However, when the second great meister war broke out, Rose found herself questioning not only her loyalty, but also the very nature of war.
It was on the battlefield that she met Shin (Vaan)- an independent and neutral party - fighting to disable both sides and end to the war.
When the war had ended Shin requested that Rose come with him and together they changed their identities; fading into obscurity and creating GRAVE under their new alter ego's.

Mai is an extremely strong willed woman, stern in nature with a steely glare. She is always quite serious, almost as if to counter Vaan's playful behavior -always scolding him, despite the two being in a relationship.

Although Mai is no longer a combatant, she is a brilliant strategist and serves as Vaan's right hand, planing all tactical and field operations within Pulse.  

Powers & Abilities:
Her psychic powers are devastatingly strong, specializing in mind control and body manipulation. Her Overdrive: "Anima" allows her to temporarily displace her opponents soul from their body. This technique guarantees that her victim is powerless and cannot defend themselves or escape.