Liza Stark


Liza Websized.png

Liza comes from East Londell, she has a fascination for all things mechanical and wants to study under the best technicians in the world. She has traveled across Ryner seeking to hone her craft. She has survived through war-torn and harsh environments, and currently serves as Hunters top apprentice in GRAVE.

Liza is a bright and bubbly person around her precious machines, however in times of stress her personality shifts to that of a bad-ass and dangerous women - with her steely glare scaring even the toughest of GRAVE’s male combatants.

Powers & Abilities:
Despite her impressive physical appearance and intimidating strength, Liza does not possess a Meister genome, instead, she has earned an immense amount of respect and is known for her insane natural strength, technical brilliance and discipline. Nobody in GRAVE dares to anger Liza, with even Zero breaking into a cold sweat when she snaps.