Link is an extremely rare creature.
Half human, half dragon; Link was Scythe Pharmaceutical’s second attempt at altering dragon DNA through genetic modification. He was raised in a test tube in a maximum security facility where Links power grew exponentially. Eventually, Link broke free from the facility, causing a massive explosion and freeing other test subjects currently being held.
Some say that this was the same facility experimenting on children to create a perfect super-solider. Since his escape, Link’s instincts led him back to his own kind, eventually seeking refuge within the Twilight Forest. Being such an extremely powerful creature, Baltara has forbidden Link from leaving.

Despite being alive for several hundreds years, Link is still childlike in nature, having very little contact with the outside world. He is inquisitive in nature, and has collected various human artifacts and items that have been dropped at the border of the forest by adventuring tourists.

Powers & Abilities:
Link looks like a child, however his physical attributes are off the charts! When tapping into his Dragonkin powers, Link’s hair glows a bright red and his nails sharpen much like that of a Vampires. His spiritual energy is almost unsurpassed by any other living entity. Despite not having any wings, Link also has the ability of flight.