Lan Hiwitari

Lan was raised in a top secret research facility and subject to inhumane experiments in an attempt to create a genetically perfect super-soldier. He was forced to kill many other test subject however in the final stages of the experimentation; Lan was injected with a special serum. The serum was designed to target mental weaknesses in the successful patients and compensate for them. Lan's biggest weakness was his inability to kill and thus the serum had an adverse effect; creating a split personality: Kyo. With Kyo's help Lan broke free from the institution and made his escape; killing many of the medial staff in the process. 

Lan is a quite individual  of a peaceful, yet serious nature. He is slow to anger but extremely fast in his skill with a blade. He constantly is fighting Kyo for dominance of their body and seeks to enforce justice to those would do evil in this world. Lan only wears his glasses to differentiate himself from Kyo; something that drives Kyo mad.

Powers & Abilities:
Lan is the Lord of the Blader class and as such, wields the "Raven Blade", a razer sharp katana capable of slicing through steel and projecting energy waves. His Overdrive; "Never More" transforms the Raven Blade into a forearm sized gauntlet and emits a powerful pseudo blade of pure energy. Lans Overdrive Plus is basically an amplified version of the "Never More" ability, although drastically larger in size. Two energy blades are crossed through each-other and spins rapidly to create a screwdriver effect. The back of the gauntlet contains a thruster, capable to propelling Lan forward at high speeds.