Kyo Hiwitari

Lan was raised in a top secret research facility and subject to inhumane experiments in an attempt to create a genetically perfect super-soldier. He was forced to kill many other test subject however in the final stages of the experimentation; Lan was injected with a special serum. The serum was designed to target mental weaknesses in the successful patients and compensate for them. Lan's biggest weakness was his inability to kill and thus the serum had an adverse effect; creating a split personality: Kyo. With Kyo's help Lan broke free from the institution and made his escape; killing many of the medial staff in the process. 

Kyo's personality is the polar opposite from Lan's peaceful nature and thus he is psychotic, violent and loud. Kyo loves the heat of battle and seizes any chance to take control of Lan's body. Regardless of his seemingly evil intentions, Kyo is in-fact a good person; he wishes to fight for whats right in the world however he will take the bloodiest path to do so. When Kyo's mind is present, he removes Lans glasses and his eye color turns orange with a circular pattern within them.

Powers & Abilities:
Although Lan is Lord of the Blader class, those abilities do not transfer over to Kyo. When his mind is dominant, all of Lan's meister abilities are revoked; leaving him even unable to summon the Raven Blade.
 GRAVE counter this shortcoming by installing nano-machines in Lan's brain and hand that activate upon Kyo's presence; giving him the ability to summon a powerful sword known as the "Bastard Cutter"  from the Pulse workshop. The Bastard Cutter is an extremely thick sword with a gravity control relic inside the pommel. This relic analyzes Kyo's movements in order to determine how light the blade should weigh. For instance; if Kyo is raising the blade upwards, the gravity relic will determine that the sword is being lifted, ergo making the sword light as a feather. However when swung downwards or to the side with additional force, the relic will add weight to the Bastard Sword; making it incredibly heavy and harder to block. 
Additionally, while Lan prefers not to use his spiritual energy externally, Kyo takes great pleasure in charging up this pressure to deflect attacks and intimidate his opponents. 

Later Kyo's bastard Sword is replaced by an upgraded version called the "Kyrios".
Sporting a sleeker design, the Kyrios is enhanced with three relic crystals as opposed to it's previous one,  With each crystal serving a specific purpose: 

  • The red relic is contains healing properties.
  • The green relic absorbs Kyo's external energy build up, instead focusing it into the blade of the sword.
  • The blue relic contains the ability to multiply the gravity of a person by the number of timers they are cut by the blade.