Kouru Odin


The middle of the three Odin brothers, Kouru was an extremely talented swordsman from a very young age.
The Odin family clan all produced powerful Meisters of the Blader class, to which Kouru and his brothers were no exception. However following the clans eradication during the last great Meister war, Kouru’s younger brother, Tetsuya was abducted by Nexus.
As Toga had long left home and was now something of a vagabond, Kouru attempted to rescue his younger brother…an attempt which ultimately resulted in his capture.
Kouru and Tetsuya were both trained far beyond their limitations, and given countless drugs to ensure complacency. Their bodies were genetically altered to harness their maximum potentials, however Kouru was trained specifically to be a living counter to Lan’s sword style.

Kouru is quite serious in nature. While the experiments conducted on them completely broke Tetsuya’s mind, Kouru feigned interest in joining Nexus, becoming an assassin of his own volition. This resulted in him receiving less mind altering drugs than his younger brother, but years of service and ruthless assassinations took a toll on him…transforming Kouru into the cold and ruthless person he once pretended to be.
Since then, Kouru no longer appears to be interested in protecting his younger brother, although they are often dispatched together as their synchronicity makes them a deadly team.

Powers & Abilities:
Kouru is a member of the Blader class and summons a uniquely-shaped Katana as his weapon.
He possesses amazing speed and reaction times, but he works best when combined with Tetsuya’s wild and uncontrollable nature.
While certainly talented and capable in his own right, Kouru’s swordsmanship is focused entirely as a counter to Lan, making him an even more lethal opponent.
Kouru’s sharp eyes and keen instincts seek out any, and all openings - often targeting vital areas such as ligaments and tendons to slow his opponent and maximize blood loss.