Kiba is the son of Dracula and rightful leader of the Vampires.
While Dracula sought to feed upon and kill all human-kind, Kiba was born without his fathers demented and violent mentality. This lack of rage created not only a rift between himself and his father, but also his twin brother, Nero.
As tensions grew within the family, Kiba began to resent his father, eventually confronting and killing the count in hand-to-hand combat. Kiba used his powers to absorb his fathers spiritual energy and grew exponentially stronger as a result.
Kiba strives for a world in which vampires feed off the blood of animals, rather than humans. In order to do this he separated himself from his bloodthirsty brethren and created a sect of Vampires called the Lineage Clan. Made up of primarily of the counts royal guard, Kiba offers refuge to all Vampires who seek to break free from his late father’s legacy.
Kiba’s Vampiric name is Strigoi, however he uses Kiba for short.

Despite his cold exterior, Kiba cares deeply for his fellow Vampires - particularly those within the Linage clan itself. He is a rational and intelligent leader.

Powers & Abilities:
Both Kiba and Nero were born with special markings on the back of their hands, this shows their royal bloodline and provides them with unique abilities. Kiba’s ability is called “Make or Break” - which absorbs and distributes spiritual energy. As he absorbs someones life-force, the marking expand. The more life-force, the further up his arm it will grow however, when the marking reaches Kiba’s chest; the power stored within it will then enter into his heart – permanently attaching itself to his own life-force and powering him up considerably. Before the marking is complete however Kiba is able to release this stored power at will, which will reduce the marking in size.
Should it be reduced to nothing, Kiba will lose his life.