Kain the Grappler


Kain was once a professional fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Tournaments (UFT) and known as the “Tiger of Brizden” due to his animal like ability to take down his prey, as well as the tiger markings he has tattooed across his body.
Kain was scouted and approached by Scythe Pharmaceuticals, where he was experimented on through several inhumane means.
With his old life behind, Kain now serves under Nexus as one of the “Forgotten” - a highly dangerous and unique combatant who has special powers and abilities through the manipulation of spiritual energy.

Kain is an animals by nature, he rarely speaks and delights in seeing his opponents faces twisted in pain and despair as he crushes their bones and tears apart their limbs.

Powers & Abilities:
Kain was born as an Axer Meister and and summons two Viking - styled axes to cleave his opponents. However this is not Kain’s preferred weapon of choice. Back in Brizden, Kains specialty in the UFT was grappling, because of this, he delights in capturing his prey and listening to their bones crush as he squeezes the light from their eyes.
Since the experiments performed on him by Scythe Pharmaceuticals, Kain is able to concentrate his spiritual energy into his skin; making him turn ash-grey in color. This hardens Kain’s skin so much that not even the sharpest of weapons has pierce his flesh.

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