Not much is known about Julia, with her origin, past and even age a mystery to most.
She is one of the newest, low ranking sentinels within the Nexus syndicate, with her strangest defining characteristics being her mismatched colors eyes of green and purple…the same eye colors as Riku.

It is believed that the two may be siblings, however despite them often appearing on the field together, neither of them openly confirm or deny the connection with one-another.

Julia is a highly intelligent and overall bad-ass sentinel from Nexus.
Although she appears to lack a significant amount of of empathy for most, Julia shows a vast amount of concern for Riku, despite her attempts to hide this beneath her cold exterior.

Powers & Abilities:
A Melee Meister, specializing in delivering volleys of devastatingly powerful kicks.
She is able to run at ultra-fast speeds and is particularly well versed in hand-to-had combat and martial arts.